Our Future is the Metaverse: It Is Only a Matter of Time!

Lara Raven

Lara Raven

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Our Future is the Metaverse

The future has been happening for quite some time now. The evolution of the real world has largely enforced the growth and advancement of the virtual world. Interestingly, the online realm has developed so much in the years past that it is basically a matter of time before we digitize most of our existence. With the arrival of the metaverse concept, there grew the essential need to keep up the pace with it and understand it at its core.

Bringing the digital world to reality is the essence of the metaverse. To many, the idea is too far-fetched and even fanatically SciFi-inspired. Yet, the Metaverse is very much real and happening, and what’s more – it’s bound to become the new normal down of our lifetime.

Metaverse Eye

Seeing the Future through Metaverse Eyes

It has been a challenge to go through these trying times where the pandemic ruined our social lives. Thankfully, social media has extended a helping hand in making our daily communication easier and far more efficient. That said, social media is looking at immense growth at the hands of the metaverse. With AI and VR in the mix, the metaverse is set to take our imagination places we never knew existed or were possible.

Metaverse is an almost surreal concept that transforms the physical life and activities – work, playing, attending events – into a virtual community where everything is available at the touch of any user’s fingers. From interactions to enabling the entire world to acquire the same quality of service, the metaverse promises a new era of functioning through the implementation of multilayered AI and VR practices and tools.

In simpler terms, imagine the world as we see it, only available online. No more running to the shops, no more waiting at the bank, and no more disadvantages to third-world communities – the metaverse will be available for everyone, at any time, and everywhere.

The Idea behind the Dreamy Metaverse

Whilst Sci-Fi movies serve as an escape from reality, the idea behind the metaverse is to gather the world in a new reality, attainable to all. The closest thing to understanding the metaverse is ‘Ready Player One.’ This big-screen title entered worldwide cinemas in 2017 and presented the jaw-dropping idea of how the future of VR might impact the world. In our case, The OASIS world represents, though in part, the metaverse.

Dreamy Metaverse

It is a fully immersive digital world that people impersonate with avatars. Though the movie only addressed gaming and entertainment, Metaverse will be a far more complete concept where people, aside from using avatars, will also obtain the power to experience all perks of the digital world, with a special accent on social media.

The possibilities of venturing into the metaverse are endless and apply to all aspects of our living. With its use, one can make it possible to attend virtual workshops and events, communicate with others in a non-physical manner and make the most of advanced virtual technology at the same time.

Metaverse: Affordability and Accessibility

Sure, the metaverse is a thrilling concept to look forward to. However, the way we experience and use it individually may differ from one person to the next. There is initially the question of whether the metaverse will be a free-to-use concept.

Although many companies have made an effort to implement parts of the metaverse, when it comes to prices and charging fees to use it, the topic still remains open for discussion. One thing we do know, though, and is that the metaverse will be presented as a superior concept, which might come with its own price down the line. This will all depend on how the metaverse takes to its users, the way they put it into practice, and the unique purposes users will be using it for.

Affordability will rely also on the use of VR and the pricing of VR headsets the market entails. Currently, the prices amount to $400, which already poses a financial challenge to many low-standard communities. Another cost factor to consider will be the use of VR headsets in gaming.

Metaverse Security Measures

The Internet as we know it has its pros and cons. Stating that the Metaverse will evolve online security is still under question, but it is certain that taking certain precautionary measures when handling the metaverse is a must.


Companies are well aware that security in using the metaverse is paramount. Whether it will be complex encryption codes the concept uses or advanced forms of online protection – it’s safe to say the metaverse is still a work in progress. However, what is certain is that using the metaverse for whatever purposes need to be a safe and secure method for all users.

Some of the ways this might be done are by introducing penalties for wrongful use or misuse of the metaverse, enforcing potent cybersecurity features so no information leaks outside the realm, and incorporating anti-fraud initiatives that will ensure maximum stability and viability of the system. As for how it will all take effect in the end – only time will tell how the metaverse becomes an integrated piece of our everyday lives.

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