How Do AI and the Metaverse Work Together

Ana Marin

Ana Marin

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How AI Metaverse Work Together

AI and the metaverse are currently very hot topics in the world of technology. Having the possibility to enter a virtual world where you can interact with users is something that has everyone brimming with excitement. Although AI and the Metaverse aren’t intertwined at the moment, it is something that AI pundits believe will happen in the near future.  

Even at its early stages, experts have already started to predict the economic impact of the metaverse on a global scale so it is only natural that sooner or later AI will find its way there. As AI is becoming more sophisticated by the day, it is expected to create a new version of the metaverse and influence industries such as marketing, gaming and education. 

How Will AI And The Metaverse Work Together 

According to Matthew Ramirez, owner of Rephrasely, AI is already being implemented in the metaverse. It plays a key role in its future development through the use of AI-powered bots to provide information and navigate the virtual world. He strongly believes that AI will be used to create a more personalized environment and encourage a higher level of engagement.

By working together, AI can revolutionize the metaverse by providing creativity and personalization and benefit from this collaboration as well. They both provide certain things that help them grow and expand. Matt Kerr, CEO of Applianced Geeked, believes in the high potential of AI to broaden our cognitive space and increase our intelligence. 

AI Metaverse

What Benefits Will The Metaverse Gain

AI can be used for many purposes including enabling new forms of content creation or enhancing user experience, but the one thing that is on everyone’s mind is that AI can be used to create life-like intellectual characters. 

Theresa Personna, Book Publicist and Marketing Coordinator from Kogan Page Inc, is convinced that AI will play a significant role in the metaverse in a number of areas including the creation of more realistic and intelligent avatars, digital twins, and virtual assistants. She has followed the debate of whether or not to make digital twins as realistic as possible and points out the uncanny valley effect that users might feel and be completely put off by the experience. 

AI will also be used to reach a wider audience in the gaming world providing game designers with better graphics and more sophisticated storylines. Al tools will help users have a better experience and encourage interactions. 

Moreover, AI will be used to analyze behavior data in the metaverse and analyze how humans interact as well as receive direct responses from real people that will help with the overall enhancement of the experience and personalization of recommendations for users. 

With the help of NLPs, speech and voice recognition and translation AI can improve user engagement because users will be able to communicate in every language, encouraging wide interactions. With the use of AI tools, the virtual environment can be created in a more realistic and defined way. 

Theresa has pointed out one other potential use of AI in the metaverse – digital fashion. Namely, it refers to the virtual clothing that metaverse citizens flaunt in games and at digital social events. Made up of pixels and data, these clothes can be designed by users and added to their photos. Gamers can purchase themed garments for their avatar and even use them in different games by the same company. 

What Benefits Will AI Gain

The benefits that AI will gain from this interaction are many and all help with the growth and improvement of this technology. However the most important benefit has to be the influx of data. The metaverse is designed to generate a large amount of data from users from the way they act and behave in virtual reality. This data helps AI to improve in a way that it will become more accurate and precise.

The metaverse is also a platform where AI can test out new models and algorithms in a controlled environment giving AI a chance to develop more realistic simulations from the real world that later on will be applied to different fields like architecture or medicine.

Shawn Stack, the owner of Hallmark Timmins, believes that when AI reaches a certain level of progress, it will be used to create a new version of the metaverse enabling users to interact with it from different devices.

What To Expect When They Unite

The unity of artificial intelligence and the metaverse will definitely have an enormous impact on society. The changes that we might see from the use of this technology have experts divided on whether the positive effects will outnumber the negative. 

The main concern that has everyone on high alert is privacy. Since AI will be able to access a huge amount of data through the metaverse this knowledge can be exploited to cause harm if it is used for target advertising. 

Another negative side effect that raises red flags regarding the use of AI is the concern of humans becoming even more dependent on technology, which can lead to poor social skills and emotional intelligence. 

On the other hand, the benefits of using advanced technologies can improve the overall quality of life. The implementation of AI solutions in the medical field can create realistic simulations that can be used for research and training. This technology will also enhance security by monitoring content and removing harmful data.

The unity of AI and the metaverse will also give rise to new business opportunities for those who specialize in this field and open the door to exploration of this new market. Moreover, this technology can improve the education system in a way that AI virtual assistants can act as tutors or teachers in an interactive space. 

Final Thoughts 

The unity of AI and Metaverse will revolutionize and improve many aspects of our lives, but the potential side effects and how much this technology will help advance our society is yet to be seen.

Even though experts can predict some of the things that might happen we have to keep in mind that this technology is new and still a little unpredictable so we can’t say for certain if any of these predictions will become a reality.  

Ana Marin