The Metaverse & NFTs – The Future of Economy!

Lara Raven

Lara Raven

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Metaverse and NFTs - Future of Economy

The metaverse is coming in fast, and everyone should prepare for it – it’s the biggest thing to date! 

Many leading companies such as Facebook (Meta) are developing their own metaverse world, known as second reality. The metaverse is expected to replace much of everyday life, such as interaction with people, working, shopping, and even bringing a new economy. The metaverse is currently in development, but there are many speculations on how it will work.

The biggest change in the metaverse is expected to be the non-fungible token, or NFT for short. NFTs are thought to be the economic and artistic bridge within the metaverse and will be used for community and social experiences. The metaverse is also aiming to create a new economy that is backed by the blockchain, thus making it free, widespread, and decentralized.

Since the metaverse and NFTs go hand in hand, people must get familiar with the two terminologies that will make a significant impact, very soon. 

We’re about to break down the basics for both terminologies, hoping to paint a better picture for everyone to understand.

Metaverse: What’s in the Name? 

Before moving on, we need to know the concept of the metaverse. The metaverse is a digital environment that operates on the blockchain. It’s expected to replace various aspects of human life like working, shopping, and interacting with other individuals. 

The metaverse can only be accessed via VR or AR, which act as components for sounds and visuals. 

The metaverse can also be explained as a 3D universe that incorporates multiple features such as finances, games, communication, jobs, NFTs, and much more. NFTs are important here because they serve as the ‘new’ economy within the metaverse. The central aspect of the metaverse and the NFTs is to create a space for people to have the freedom to do tons of things. 

Within the metaverse, people will be able to buy, trade, create and sell NFTs, join social communities, buy a virtual estate, and whatnot.

The metaverse is expected to be the biggest technological advancement of our era, something that will remove boundaries like never before. Soon, the virtual  3D world will have its own economy, jobs, and marketplaces, reshaping the way technology has worked so far.

NFT Impact on the Metaverse

NFTs are thought to be apt to disrupt traditional social networks like interaction and socialization. Transactions within the metaverse can also be disrupted, and technicians expect it to affect the digital world as a whole.

The impact of NFTs on the metaverse is imminent. First of all, NFTs will provide a free and open economy within the digital world, which will also be fair trade. 

Today, all businesses and tradesmen can port their real-world services into the virtual decentralised sphere, which is the metaverse.  

NFT and Metaverse Economy

There’s one way to invite more real-world assets to the metaverse by using gaming models with blockchain games. This process is also known as play-to-earn and empowers players of all blockchain games. By simply relying on the NFT’s, the player will participate in financial economies within the metaverse, and therefore get rewards for the value they add.

The play-to-earn games are pretty fair inside the metaverse as people will receive real ownership instead of being controlled by a single game entity, which is present in most games. 

Within the metaverse – it’s all about serious games!

Virtual Real Estate Is a Thing Now

With the introduction of NFT’s, now people can have full ownership of their virtual land inside the metaverse. The blockchain, which is the reason behind all of this, allows the users to prove the ownership of the asset and work with their virtual real estate as they please – no limitations attached!

Besides owning real estate within the metaverse, users can also sell their land for profit, rent it for passive income, and build structures such as online shops. 

One of the best things that NFTs will bring to the table is social events. Within the metaverse, users can host social events of any kind, in the same way, they host gatherings and happenings in the real world!

Speaking of real estate and organizing events inside the metaverse, there’s one perfect example to cover it all – the Decentraland real estate, which recently hosted a fashion show inside the metaverse. Decentraland also collaborated with Adidas, and the products were auctioned off with NFTs.

What the Future Holds

No one knows what the future will bring, but one thing is for sure –  the upcoming metaverse technology and the NFTs will make a groundbreaking impact that will shake the world to its core. 

As with every technological advancement, the Metaverse will also introduce the general public to never-before-seen aspects of possibilities. Although unclear, the future is surely looking bright as to what else can be accomplished.

The metaverse is still in its early stages of development, but there’s progress every month, and it won’t be long before it’s become the new reality. 


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