Metaverse Review: Our World, Enhanced

Lara Raven

Lara Raven

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Metaverse Review: Our World, Enhanced

Welcome to the Metaverse – a digital reality haven where people can work, interact with others, and even game their hearts out!

Although the concept of Metaverse is somewhat new, the first mention of it came back in 1993. At the time, it was introduced as an MMO, or a low-bandwidth virtual reality system first used by Steve Jackson Games.

The principal tools of the Metaverse appeared in the form of VR (Virtual Reality) goggles, and it is currently implemented in gaming with the idea of expanding it into real life in the years to come. For those that wish to play their favorite games, say golf, and without leaving their home, the VR goggles will bring the player to an actual golf course and have them experience the game firsthand, as if they are really on-site!

Given the rapid growth of yet unimaginable technologies, the idea of a Metaverse existing and expanding to more than just gaming will become a viable reality. Whilst it is currently only umbrelling the gaming world, in the future, the Metaverse is expected to cover many, if not all aspects of life, including working, interacting with others, attending events and more.

The Metaverse Essence

metaverse review

The Metaverse is actually a virtual reality world where people can do most of their daily things – only through a virtual setting. The word ‘Metaverse’ is constructed of the words ‘meta,’ which means beyond, and the word ‘verse’ a colloquial term for the universe. This term is used to describe the concept of an iteration of the internet, which comprises shared 3D virtual spaces, all interlinked into the virtual universe.

To paint a better picture, let’s present a most common example of the Metaverse, using the virtual vending machine. Say you are walking the streets of the physical world, and you want to have a drink, but there is no vending machine around. Well, in the Metaverse, you can imagine this machine, and miraculously, it will appear right in front of you.

You can then proceed to choose your desired beverage, order it, and have that item delivered to your home address in no time. After the order is complete, you are back on track and walking the streets downtown once more.

Neat, huh?

Although technology and VR are omnipresent nowadays, the new concept of the Metaverse and the remarkable technology that comes with it will allow communities to experience the physical world in a virtual setting without losing any real value of the experience.

Technology and Companies Taking on the Metaverse Concept

The main technology that is used to create the Metaverse is Virtual Reality, which is currently used only in the world of gaming. The other piece of technology used for the Metaverse is Augmented Reality or AR.

Additionally, there are few companies out there that have been developing their own Metaverse. The first company that dipped its toes into the Metaverse concept is naturally Facebook, the leader of all new technologies.

Aside from Facebook, another mogul brand that’s boarding the Metaverse train is Google. The company has been developing both VR and AR tools to better implement the metaverse system. The latest of their tools is called Google Lens, a product that enables people to use their device camera to capture surrounding objects. The device camera then uses image recognition technology alongside Google’s search system to better describe the object captured by their lens.

How Can the Metaverse Change Our Lives?

The Metaverse will undoubtedly change the physical world and experiences for a vast number of communities. Due to its infinite possibilities, more and more people will be able to actually see countless pieces of information running before their eyes as they walk down the street, enter shops or just lounge in their armchairs.

From air pollution to traffic and weather information, the concept will cover all informative bases of regular living. Furthermore, the technology takes to a higher level of execution and will eventually help transport users to various digital locations such as nightclubs, event venues and elsewhere.

Advantages of the Metaverse

When implemented in its entirety, the new concept of Metaverse will bring abundant advantages to its users. For instance, people will be able to test products before they decide to purchase them – no matter their location.

Also, as gaming turns more realistic by the minute, the Metaverse will lend a helping hand in further sophistication the gaming experience and its lifelike settings for all gamers worldwide.

Final Verdict

When it finally breaks the market as a realistic – no pun intended – concept, the Metaverse will undoubtedly change the course of regular life and palpable experiences as we know them.

Though we have already witnessed its powers in terms of gaming and attending virtual events, the concept is expected to broaden its possibilities to a point where the physical world will transfer into a virtual setting that looks, works, and feels like the real deal!  

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