5 Ways to Build the Mobile Gaming Metaverse

Lara Raven

Lara Raven

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Mobile Gaming Metaverse

The world of gaming – advanced, lifelike, raw – seemed like an already envisioned concept. But then, the metaverse made its entrance on the market. The latest hype among gamers, the metaverse is, indeed, a world of its own. For those unfamiliar with the concept, the Metaverse offers a new-level Augmented Reality realm, where the real world meets the digital. It’s a still-developing concept that opens the doors to a whole new ‘Meta’, as the gamers call it.

Mobile gaming started with the good old Snake and got us to a place where we can play flashy games of different genres and be empowered with awesome graphics. The only way to progress from gaming as we see it now is to take that extra step towards advancement and introduce the metaverse as a viable concept. With a little helping hand from state-of-the-art VR, the metaverse will offer gamers worldwide a more immersive experience and far more realistic gaming sessions.

Mobile gaming


Also known as the Internet, Evolved, here are the criteria that will be required in creating a metaverse realm for mobile gaming.

1. Mobile Device Compatibility

To first incorporate the metaverse as part of the gaming world, creators need to ensure the concept is compatible with all devices gamers use, especially mobile phones.

Of course, it is still debatable whether the Metaverse will live up to its promises and remain unbound from the Google Playstore and iOs Playstore respectively.

The system requirements, in terms of compatibility, will be revealed depending on the platform used and the company delivering the experience. Rumor has it, it is going to be available for the older versions of Android and iOs as well, without future users having to overpay for the experience or purchase the latest mobile devices to make it work.

As expected, the metaverse is still in its early stages, but as far compatibility is concerned, it is a major aspect the concept will tackle in order to meet every gamer’s requirements.

2. Safety First

Players always want to have a secure and reliable journey when they game online.

Safe gaming is a criteria players follow to this day in ensuring a smooth and secure experience, and the trend is expected to reflect on the very concept of the metaverse. The metaverse will derail from DDOS risks or similar frauds that may expose sensitive information.

The new and evolving encryption technology will also enable the Metaverse to become the only platform that offers a no-risk, no-threat experience. Though the precautionary measures taken are still in development, a project as majestic as the metaverse will surely pay special attention to making the gaming experience as safe as can be.

3. Cloud Power

Clouds have become the storage of the future and are trusted by the world of online users, gamers included. In terms of the metaverse, clouds ought to ensure super-powerful servers that will tackle all the rendering and processing, otherwise done by mobile devices.

The cloud approach was first introduced to the gaming world by Google Stadia, Xbox Cloud, and Nvidia Now. These three industry giants enable users a suited gaming experience that has full potential and is independent of using secondary devices.

Nvidia Now, for example, provides superb computers that are doing the hard work of mobile devices, but have the downside of requiring steady internet connection to do it.

Xbox Cloud

Therefore, seamless streaming should be the next step the Metaverse should pay attention to and take advantage of. If metaverse clouds do, indeed, happen, a high-speed connection on all mobile devices will be required in order to obtain data fast and ensure a smooth and lag-free experience.

4. Transparent and Affordable to All

The Metaverse is said to be the true successor of the Internet. If that is true, there would be no company that fully owns the Metaverse, but everyone will partake in building it from the ground up. Of course, these actions might entail payments for users down the line, so the service is subscription-based yet tailored to meet every gamer’s preference – and budget.

5. Content and Vast Activities

One of the things the Metaverse will do for mobile gaming provides quality content and a repertoire of activities for users to try.

Epic Games, for instance, are taking a huge part in this segment, with over 1 billion investments made within the Metaverse. Through hosting a series of different Fortnite events, Epic Games gives users a glimpse of what the metaverse might look like in the future, Moreover, it thus raises the bar of quality gaming to a whole new level.

When it finally hits the market, the metaverse will become more than just a gamer’s heaven. With the idea of recreating the online world and transferring physical experiences online, the metaverse aims to sophisticate the way we socialize, play, learn and interact.

Highly advanced and ripe – the metaverse ultimately creates a next-level society, where everything you can imagine is possible to achieve.

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