Games at Connect 2021 – What to Expect?

Lara Raven

Lara Raven

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Gamers, hear ye, hear ye! Connect officially partnered with Vertigo Games, and they prepare to lock you down with the most exciting games to date. They are happy to announce the games are boosted with a high VR dose that makes the updates exceptional.

This fall, Connect alongside Vertigo packed several popular games as part of their offering. With the power of VR, they are aiming to test the limits of your powers and exceed your expectations.

Keep reading to find out the game’s updates, what to expect – and when to expect it!

GTA: San Andreas

“After five years on the East Coast, it was time to go home.” – said CJ for the first time in 2004. Only, then, he was trapped in a small box, unaware of the possibility of crossing the line between the virtual and real world. But, 7 years later, he got back at the airport again, ready to go home once again – only this time, rewriting history.

The Rockstar Games GTA: San Andreas masterwork earns players a new perspective. Connect animates the virtual world and invites us to join CJ, Sweet, and their homies to complete the underground missions against Dallas. By now, all of us know the value of CJ’s hood. 

Connect fixed the squared figures which give out the virtual world, so this time, everyone can get a better gaming experience, courtesy of the two worlds – Ours and Rockstar Games – clashing into one concept. San Fierro and Las Venturas are stories of themselves, both boosted in quality and performance, making every San Andreas fanatic eager to get playing! 

If you haven’t played the game by now, prepare for a virtual getaway, because it will definitely capture your attention and take you outside the real world and inside a perfected virtual realm. 

Beat Saber

During the pandemic, Beat Saber was the best concert alternative. People stayed responsible and dodged stirring crazy from lockdowns thanks to this rhythm game.

Right after the release on Quest Platform, Beat Saber reached even greater popularity. At the time, the downloadable pack from Skrillex and Billie Eilish boosted the interest even more. Nowadays, it has over $100 million in total lifetime revenue, which begs more updates.

But, Connect is here to hear the begging! 

Get excited because 2022 brings more surprises with a list of popular artists as starters. At the end of the year, you’ll get a teaser video so you’d have a better perspective on the games.

Population: One

Population ONE - Games at Connect

Population: One is a battle royale game, only available in VR. The game was initially launched in 2020 at Connect and saved many people from the COVID lockdown boredom.

Population: One is the biggest multiplayer platform today and this time around, it comes packed with even more new features. Namely, among other updates, there’s room for 24 players in a match – the maximum number the VR gaming industry has seen.

Blade & Sorcery: NOMAD

Connect wants you to seriously prepare for this delicate combat game. It’s a game-changer – no pun intended – but you’ll get the most realistic blade experience.
The blade is not the only weapon you have here. You have over 20 weapons at your disposal, including daggers, maces, axes, and many more.

The game is action-packed and includes the best visuals and sound effects to mimic the real world. It takes a few minutes for our brain to adjust to VR, but good luck while roaming the dungeons. You cannot use the block or parry button, but you must be sharp as a needle when attacking your enemies in real-time. Besides these weapons, if odds don’t work in your favor, you can use any item, spell, or other magic to defeat your enemy. Remember, to do so, one must enter Sandbox mode.

Prepare for this fall combat, because the time is ticking. November 4th is a big day for all gamers because Blade & Sorcery: Nomad launches on Quest 2, and it’s only for $19.99.

An Early Christmas Present?

December is the best time of the year for family and friends and is also the utmost period for introducing new goodies to the gaming world. 

Well, this December, Connect decided to join the friends in a Winter Wonderland experience. The game developers were super-excited while they created the games. They worked tirelessly on the updates and nailed the creation of a seamless and refined game experience. Nevertheless, in the game, the players have the final say. 


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