What’s the Difference between the Metaverse and the Multiverse?

Lara Raven

Lara Raven

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What’s the Difference between the Metaverse and the Multiverse?

By now, the Metaverse has already been introduced as a remarkable concept of physical-life-meets-virtual-living. For the unacquainted, the Metaverse represents a set of universes which people can access via virtual reality or augmented reality tools in order to interact with others, work, game, shop, and even attend events virtually, yet in a realistic setting. In simpler terms, the Metaverse is a digital world of sorts, a simulated universe where all things physical are transcended onto a virtual canvas, so every user can make the most of the experience.

Whilst the Metaverse has already had its say in the gaming world, another, seemingly similar concept is brought to light – the Multiverse. 

Though alike at first glance, there’s a massive difference between metaverse vs multiverse. Mainly, the Metaverse is a mere set of virtually created universes, whereas the Multiverse literally translates to ‘multiple universes’ colliding into one concept. 

Interestingly, both concepts are integrated parts of the Omniverse, an umbrella term that includes the ins and outs of our physical vs virtual existence. To get more specific, let’s elaborate on the very ideas behind both the Metaverse vs Multiverse, and learn what separates the two from one another, and how both will have a say in the way the world’s future shapeshifts.  

Metaverse vs Multiverse: A Practical Comparison

The main difference between the Metaverse and the Multiverse is straightforward.
The Metaverse is a set of universes created in the form of virtual reality, whilst the Multiverse will represent a collective of all possible galaxies in existence.

The most practical example between Metaverse vs Multiverse can be seen in the movie ‘Ready Player One.’ In it, the actors are basically living in a virtual reality world, the Metaverse, which consists of multiple other worlds within that reality, or the Multiverse. 

The Metaverse and the Multiverse are fairly new and in-development concepts, with the Metaverse being the more attainable concept of the two. Intriguing, the Multiverse, realistic as it sounds, still has a long way to go before it becomes a viable vision we can get accustomed to. 

A Closer Look at the Multiverse

The Multiverse is considered to be a hypothetical group of numerous universes which together comprise everything that is in existence. This also includes matter, space, time, energy, all physical laws, and everything that keeps our and other universes moving forward. The universes within the Multiverse traditionally go by different names, and are often referred to as ‘parallel universes’ or ‘many-worlds.’



The concept of the Multiverse first appeared in Ancient Greek Atomism, but the idea of it became better defined sometime in the Middle Ages. Prominent scientists around the world have long been discussing whether other universes, beyond ours, existed, but the answer to that will likely see the light of day somewhere down the line.

However, the Multiverse suggests that, as there are various universes in our galaxy, there might also be other communities that belong to those universes, much like we humans belong to ours.  

To spark up everyone’s curiosity, the Metaverse has been presented as a fraction of the Multiverse, with numerous companies already dipping their toes in the way the concept will be brought to life – and integrated virtually.   

The Metaverse: From Gaming to a Real-Life Scenario 

Even though the Metaverse is still a new topic of discussion, gamers were the first ones to experience it – through Virtual Reality games. Nowadays, people can play all sorts of sports and games right from the comfort of their living room, all the while experiencing a realistic setting and genuine competition. 

Metaverse Game

As the Metaverse is currently implemented in the gaming world only, many companies such as DC Comics and Marvel, have presented their own Multiverse comics, as well as games, and animated series, to paint a better picture of what the concept might look and feel like. Following in their footsteps, many tech and mogul companies, too, have sparked up interest in making the most of the Multiverse concept and implementing it in their line of business.

Companies That Will Change the Metaverse

Without the Metaverse, we can’t talk about the Multiverse. Given that the Metaverse is an inkling of the entire Multiverse, many companies are expected to follow suit on the trends and create a suitable Metaverse of their own. Interestingly, companies such as Facebook and Google have already explored these, too many, unfamiliar territories, and have initiated the development of their own Metaverse programs.

Though it might be a while before we actually have an official presentation of what the Metaverse implemented on Facebook may look like, the course of action the company is taking leaves no doubt that it will happen. 

Conclusion: Metaverse vs Multiverse

Out of the two concepts, the Metaverse is the likelier to break the scene sooner.

As for the Multiverse, for now, it still remains an unattainable, or should we say, untrained concept that features the Metaverse only as a virtual reality segment.

Where will it all lead, and what will our world look like a decade from now?

Whilst there’s no way of knowing for sure, one thing remains clear – the idea of living and performing physically is bound to become a thing of the past, as the doors to new universes and opportunities begin to open!  

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