Select Тhe Best Mobile VR Headset For You And Your Smartphone

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Lara Raven

Disclaimer: This site may contain links to affiliate websites, which we may receive compensation if you purchase these products 

Best Mobile VR headset for your smartphone

Disclaimer: This site may contain links to affiliate websites, which we may receive compensation if you purchase these products 

There are days when reality can become a bummer, therefore, we all seek ways to enter the safe escape. Watching movies on a smartphone device is sufficient for some, but many other individuals seek enthrallment and more exciting experiences. 

If you are a Ready Player One devotee, a postmodern fiction through and through, using one of the best phone VR headsets can provide exactly what you are looking for.

Since virtual reality has become one of the greatest trends these years, we decided to check what the buzz is all about. How you’ll experience, strictly depends on the quality of the setup you possess. As long as smartphones fit within the VR head-mounted display, it can be said that these gadgets are compatible with every Android and iPhone device.

Your amusement is our priority, and we’ll try to help you successfully select the best mobile VR headset for your iPhone or Android device.

What Is A VR Headset?

Open your eyes, and with a virtual reality headset, you can be anything you imagine. A VR headset is a device you can easily mount on your head and teleport yourself into the wonders the VR world can provide. Mobile VR headsets are usually plastic cases with a pair of lenses and padding for better accessibility, with the majority of VR apps being powered by the technology of the connected mobile phone.

This stereoscopic head-mounted display is mostly used for videos, but you can also watch your favorite 3D movies, and use other apps like simulators and trainers. The average screen size on this device can range from 4 to 6 inches.

But that’s only on the visual part of this device, your other senses can come into play here. VR headsets offer stereo sound, head or eye-motion tracking sensors, and gaming controllers – imagine where that will take you!

When the wearer rotates their head, VR glasses utilize a head-tracking tech that adjusts the peripheral optics, offering a captivating experience.

Each of the headgears listed below meets a specific quality standard, but their costs vary, making it feasible to settle for a cost-effective, high-quality VR headset. So hold on tight, and accompany us to the latest VR journey to find the best VR headsets for you.

The Best Mobile VR Headsets

To enjoy an engaging, interactive environment, you don’t really need to spend loads of money on a virtual reality headset. Each of the headgears on our list securely and economically puts the sensations of the VR world in your hands. And they’re all under $100!

Check our list and choose your best VR headset for iPhone or Android.

1. Google Cardboard

Available for: iPhone and Android

Price: $15

Bring virtual reality into life for less than 20 dollars! Any iPhone or Android device can be easily turned into a VR viewer. Because of the simple setup, your performance will fall short of what high-end VR goggles like Oculus or Gear VR can supply.

You can sincerely thank Google for creating this entry-level VR device. Despite being the most rudimentary VR headset on this roundup, Google Cardboard is still the most approachable, simplest, and lowest-priced method to encounter virtual reality. It’s especially suitable if you are a newbie in the VR world, and you want to experience it on a budget.

It’s a high-quality projector that syncs with your smartphone applications and consolidates in three simple steps. All you have to do is put together the cardboard headgear, place your device into the box to experience a variety of third-party VR apps, and enjoy. The latest version of the Google Cardboard supports phones with screens up to 6 inches, allowing you to even use small tablets.


  • Low price
  • Wonderful lenses
  • Supports a huge variety of content


  • Doesn’t have a head strap
  • Decent comfort only

2. Samsung Gear VR

Available for: Few Galaxy Smartphones

Price: $129

Screen: Super AMOLED

Weight: 345 g


If you desire to purchase a high-end mobile VR, Samsung Gear VR can be the best VR headset for Android phones, and more importantly for you. Samsung outdid themselves with making virtual reality – a reality! With Samsung Gear VR innovation, powered by Oculus, you are free to experience videos, more than 1,000 games, movies, and apps like never before.


Over the years, the Samsung Gear VR headset has been regularly updated, therefore it contains everything you can ever imagine.


Your smartphone is used as a screen, where you can unobstructedly traverse the virtual surroundings. Just place the phone in the headset, put it on, and prepare yourself to be amazed. With a sweep of your thumb, you can click, slide, and select, making it simple to decide which video or movie to watch.


Smartphones are not as vivid as we want them to be, but with Samsung Gear VR, having a 101-degree field of view you can drastically be immersed in terms of virtual experience. You’ll be transferred into a completely alluring brand-new perspective. Your head movements are controlled via a built-in sensor and accelerometer, perfectly aligned with the app’s visual display.


Samsung Gear VR has three connectivity options, USB, micro USB, and Bluetooth, making it compatible with different smartphones.



  • HMD’s build and comfort quality
  • Three connectivity options
  • Comfortable
  • Regularly Updated



  • Slightly higher price than others
  • You can see your fingerprints on the screen

3. Homido VR Headset for Android and iPhone

Available for: iPhone and Android

Price: $29

The customizable range of the Homido VR Headset is ideal for your vision, and you can enjoy the comfortable head strap against the back of your head. Additionally, you can attach another one to the top of your head, for better balance.


The quality of the lenses is unbelievable and provides a field of view of about 100 degrees which is actually better than the Google Cardboard’s. It’s pretty simple to insert the lenses in the holders. Apply some pressure to ensure they are in, as you don’t want them to fall out while watching. Wipe them, and you are good to go!


The best addition to this headset are the ventholes, preventing the device from fogging up. With the scroll button on top, you can adjust your eyesight range. The side buttons are for setting the distance of the lenses – let’s say if you are one lucky person with long eyelashes.


This device is ideal for watching movies and allows adjustments until you find your perfect spot to prevent eye strain. It’s just a basic, uncomplicated headset, without a controller, or other complicated extensions. 



  • Cheap
  • Adjustable distance
  • Ergonomic strap


  • Contains just the basic functions

4. Google Daydream View 2

Available for: Android

Price: $99

Weight: 220g


Google Daydream View is one of the best VR headsets for Android. It’s simple to use and available for ten distinct phone types. This VR set provides hundreds of 360-degree games, videos, apps, additional storage, and Daydream platform access.


It can be connected with Chromecast, allowing you to stream the best VR adventures on your TV, and share the enjoyment with friends and family.


The headset is made of soft, breathable, and lightweight stretch material, providing the most satisfactory wearing experience for a long time. It comes in three colors: crimson, slate, and snow, and it holds a hand-washable facepad.


The Google Daydream View comes with a Bluetooth controller with 9 axis IMUs, and its battery can last for around 12 hours.



  • TV streaming
  • Bluetooth controller for interaction
  • Daydream platform-specific VR content



  • Compatible for a limited number of devices

5. Merge VR Goggles

Available on: iPhone and Android

Price: $29

The Merge VR Goggles are definitely your best pick if you’re a laid-back VR user seeking a cheap improvement over the Google Cardboard gear. The headset offers a field of view of 96 degrees and provides children with access to over 300 instructional STEM activities.

If you are searching for comfort, Merge VR Goggle is the best quality VR headset for iPhone or Android, made of ‘marshmallow-soft’ spongy antimicrobial foam, and it’s available in 10 colors. 

This mobile VR headset is geared towards children and has several excellent child-friendly characteristics as well as a pleasant customer engagement. It can precisely adjust to your facial lines and emphasizes adaptable lenses for your eyes protection only.

Users of Merge VR Goggle have direct access to Miniverse, one outstanding app offering an abundance of VR games, videos, apps, and many other 360-degree adventures.


  • Water and shockproof
  • Two control buttons


  • Some customers point out the difficulty to slide the phone in

6. VeeR Falcon VR Headset

Available for: Android

Price: $44.99

Weight: 0.43 kg


The VeeR Falcon VR Headset is intended for comfortable use while studying and watching movies with the built-in HiFi active noise canceling around-ear headphones.


VeeR Falcon contains a 3.5mm headphone jack, but it’s not suitable for Lighting or Type C. Provides clean, strong audio and silence, allowing you to enjoy favorite VR movies, games, and music.


With the built-in microphone, you can easily answer calls through the headset, and with the bi-focus adjustments, the viewing angle and depth can be drastically expanded for each eye. Perfect for short-sided users!


The keyboard is in Bluetooth mode and is not compatible with the iOS operating system. If you want to use it, try using an Android system mobile phone. However, the iOS system iPhone may still set in and you can use it without the need for a remote.



  • Breathing leather
  • Myopia friendly headset
  • You will never miss a call again
  • Functional controller



  • The remote is not available for iOS users

Further Tips On Choosing The Best Mobile VR Headset

The primary distinction between iOS and Android smartphone VR headsets is the product size, which may be built to suit only one type of device. Based on your financial circumstances, it may be wiser to get a somewhat lower-end headset that is interoperable with different internet-connected gadgets, such as PC, smartphones, or video gaming consoles, for a substantially cheaper cost.

The crucial part of choosing the best VR headset is to purchase the most correctly sized one for your mobile phone, consequently, the screen will be properly optimized in front of you. You need the perfect combination of your phone size and the headset lenses, creating a proper set of depth and animation.

Which one is the best?

In this case, to select the best VR smartphone headset, we have to choose one that is the best of both worlds. From our list, we can easily separate the Merge VR Goggles. This headset is cheap, but an improved version from the Google Cardboard, and what’s most important, it’s children-friendly too. Made from antibacterial foam, it’s ideal for comfortable use.

Best Mobile VR Headset FAQ:

How do mobile VR headsets work?

You just need to attach your phone to the proper VR headset space for a wearable HMD and attach it with the holding clip. Position the headset, and the screen will appear directly in front of your eyes. The headset lenses will create the desired screen depth you want to experience.

Is it a good idea to purchase an Android VR Headset?

Every headset purchase is the best method to immerse yourself in the world of VR. If you possess an Android phone, and you don’t want to spend too much money on a VR headset, the Samsung Gear VR can be a fantastic headgear choice for you.

Is using virtual reality devices dangerous for my eyes?

Only the long-term usage of VR devices can induce eye strain, tiredness, or impaired vision. We know how exciting this experience can be, but we recommend you try not to gaze at a VR screen for too long.

Can I watch Netflix on my mobile VR headset device?

Absolutely. You just need to download the Netflix VR app from Google Play and prepare for a completely immersive streaming experience. Resemble a virtual recreation of your living room with Netflix content.

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