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Adidas Enters the World of Metaverse

Jeff Pitterman

Jeff Pitterman

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Adidas Original is stepping into the Metaverse world, indeed proving that Impossible is Nothing!

Just recently, Adidas announced mega news – the brand will be joining forces with Bored Ape Yacht Club, PUNKS Comic, and gmoney NFT in entering the Metaverse realm!

The company is to explore a “world of limitless possibilities”, all the while aiming to remain original, unique, and creative. Adidas has recognized the virtual vision behind the Metaverse and decided to actively partake of their story of building authenticity as well as a new Realm for all eager users!

The partnership was initially confirmed via a clip Adidas published, featuring 3 apes entering Earth from space. In the snippet, each ape is wearing the staple Adidas tracksuit and represents each of their partners.

Wearing an Adidas track jacket featuring all partner logos, a fragment of the Bored Ape non fungible token (NFT) was redesigned to feature the sports brand’s epic tracksuit. The Bored Ape Yacht Club is developed by Yuga Labs and represents a collection of 10,000 NFT-minted pictures. As for gmoney, it makes a noteworthy cryptocurrency, and as an eminent NFL influencer on the rise, it was featured on Fortune NFTy 50.

PUNKS Comic is a pioneer in recreating the world of comic books. It’s the first crypto comic of its kind, combining the physical comic books and the NFTs, allowing collectors to own a full digital version of an actual comic.

Adidas makes only one of the grand names to join aboard the Metaverse trend, alongside Balenciaga and Nike, which created its own Nikeland – a digital space where players may dress their avatars in Nike products.

Facebook renamed its umbrella brand to Meta and thus opened up an interactive virtual world where people’s avatars can shop, attend events, socialize, game and more!

The digital world is slowly becoming virtual and makes a worthy investment for countless renowned brands to make, ultimately opening the doors to a whole new world of impossibilities – now made possible!


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