Amazon launches cloud computing e-learning games

Amazon Launches Two New Games to Promote Cloud Computing e-Learning

Lara Raven

Lara Raven

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Amazon seems to recognize the existing skill gaps among cloud developers and has thus launched a game to pick up skills in cloud computing.

AWS Cloud Quest: Cloud Practitioner is Amazon’s latest foray into the metaverse, and is a good example of how the metaverse is being used to train people and promote online learning.

The newly launched online role-playing game allows users to create an avatar through which they can traverse a virtual city in the metaverse. The players assume the role of helping its citizens solve various issues.

AWS Cloud Quest: Cloud Practitioner Equips Users with the Necessary Skills

Cloud developers have often found themselves short of skills in a rapidly changing and evolving world.

Developers have frequently found it challenging to create applications for the metaverse, especially in terms of ensuring security and fixing various bugs.

The cloud quest for AWS practitioners

AWS, after announcing the game in a YouTube video, explained that developers can hone their cloud skills by helping the denizens of the virtual city solve various issues.

AWS Cloud Quest helps developers understand core AWS services and their categories at a deeper level.

Hence, the gamified training modules include database and security, storage, and cloud computing. In addition, users can also learn how to start building cloud solutions as beginners.

AWS Cloud Quest: Cloud Practitioner has been described as a perfect learning resource for adult early career cloud learners.

Along with foundational cloud computing concepts, the game also allows learners to practice their newly learned skills. This isn’t the first time that Amazon has unveiled cloud training services.

In the past, the company has launched several certifications to help its staff gain cloud expertise and progress in their careers.

An Updated Version of AWS Educate

In addition to the AWS Cloud Quest, Amazon also released an updated version of AWS Educate. Earlier, AWS Educate required users to have a .edu email address.

With the new update, the requirement has been done away with. The game is now suitable for anyone 13 and above.

It comes with hundreds of hours of free training material and these resources are perfect for self-paced learning.

Making Cloud Computing Accessible to Everyone

The purpose of these initiatives has mainly been to help just about everyone gain and build their cloud development skills. These skills are practical and applicable, making them essential for current job requirements in the cloud.

Amazon also revealed that passive content on both AWS Educate and AWS Cloud Quest has been reduced drastically.

The company has enhanced both hands-on activities and interactive exercises so that learners are exposed to more practice than mere theory.

In addition, by making these self-learning programs free, Amazon has made learning cloud computing accessible to everyone.

The 3D role-playing game helps learners practice for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam, which is an industry-recognized credential.

The learning concepts are currently available only in English, on personal computers. Users get to interact with the citizens of the virtual city and solve their problems.

To enhance immersion and interactivity, the game makes use of quizzes and videos that are based on real-world cloud development scenarios.

Amazon Attempts to Enhance the Employability of People Across the World

Amazon has some very ambitious plans concerning developing cloud development training content. It aims to provide free training access to 29 million users globally by 2025.

The company expects learners to represent more than 200 countries across the world. In its press release, Amazon pointed out that after the pandemic, 85% of workers require some sort of technical knowledge.

Although many jobs have been lost, 97 million new jobs are expected to arise from the accelerated digitization. Amazon hopes to provide skills to those who are interested in being part of the cloud computing revolution.

Kevin Kelly, AWS’ director of Cloud Career Training Programs, explained that both the games are designed to enhance employability, especially during a time when many people have lost jobs due to the pandemic.

By making practical skills related to the cloud accessible to everyone, Amazon expects to make more people job-ready. The games are available on AWS Skill Builder, and anyone interested in developing their cloud computing skills can start playing them.


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