Why Apple could be the most valuable Metaverse stock

Apple Could Be the Most Valuable Metaverse Stock

Lara Raven

Lara Raven

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As the metaverse depends on artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) technologies for its existence, it only makes sense that Apple is likely to emerge as a leader in virtual spaces in the coming years.

Apple’s hardware is used by many millions of people every day, and will likely be the point of entry into the metaverse for most people.

In addition, Apple has consistently been working on AR, VR, and AI technologies, and integrating them into its hardware constantly.

Consequently, analysts predict Apple will be the most valuable metaverse stock to purchase in the coming years.

Here are a few reasons why analysts believe Apple will emerge as a metaverse leader:

  1. Apple may manufacture smartphones that are directly or indirectly connected to visual AR
  2. The Mac Studio comes with an M1 Ultra chip that directly competes with Nvidia’s RTX 3090 graphics cards.
  3. Apple is a market leader in terms of chip performance, which is essential for accessing the metaverse at high speeds.
  4. The company has devoted a lot of its R&D towards improving 3D graphics, which is the basic building block of the metaverse
  5. iPads come equipped with ARKit which makes AR more powerful on these tablets. Both iPhones and iPads are equipped with TrueDepth and LiDAR cameras, which are essential for AR and VR technologies.
  6. Most importantly, Apple gives importance to ease-of-use, smart user interfaces (UI), and enhanced user experience (UX).

Apple has a competitive advantage both in terms of 3D technology, and actual hardware devices

Apple will lead in the metaverse

In short, Apple has a clear hardware edge over other companies when it comes to AR and VR.

With millions of people using Apple devices already, iPads, Mac OS devices, and iPhones could emerge as the starting points for most people to enter and experience the metaverse.

In addition, thanks to Apple devices’ ease of use, creating drag-and-drop metaverse virtual spaces can get easier too, especially with startups like Rove launching such services in recent weeks.

Apple Stock is Invaluable for Metaverse Speculators

All things considered, it shouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Apple will be a market leader in the metaverse hardware space, and will likely be one of the most valuable metaverse stocks to purchase.

Those who can afford Apple’s shares may want to invest in its stock before speculators make it more expensive to purchase its shares.


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