Chabbad is the First Jewish Organization that Enters the Metaverse

Chabbad – The First Jewish Organization That Enters Metaverse

Lara Raven

Lara Raven

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Chabbad is the most well-known Hasidic movement and the largest Hasidic and Jewish religious group in the world. The movement itself had an excellent reception when it first took shape years ago, initially in Russia and neighboring countries.

Today, the Hasidic philosophy is spread worldwide, influencing nearly every aspect of Jewish lives, and now it’s being modernized.

With the sole purpose of elevating their knowledge while being committed to the well-being of Jewish people, the organization progresses more and more each day. So, what happens when Chabbad Rabbis come up with a new, innovative way of gathering Jews and making an even bigger religious impact? They join the Metaverse! 

  • Chabbad, one of the largest and most popular Jewish religious group joins the Metaverse!
  • Rabbi Shmuli Nachlas and his partners—Rabbi Yisroel Wilhelm and tech-expert Alex Gelbert have officially bought land in the Decentraland metaverse. 
  • MANA Chabbad Jewish Center where the Jewish community can meet, learn and inspire each other, is in construction.

How Does Metaverse Work for the Chabbad Organization?

It’s no secret that technology experts have been trying for a long time to create a virtual world similar to our physical world. Well, their imagination for a virtual 3D world has slowly become a ‘reality’ and it’s called the Metaverse! 

The Metaverse is a futuristic world where we “live” as avatars based on ourselves. Every activity and function we implement in our everyday life can be done in the Metaverse, only more simple and effective. 

For some people, the thrill that comes from living a second life is what’s crucial to taking such a step. By thrill, we mean the chance to be able to participate in things that are not feasible in the real world due to time and distance constraints.

Chabbad’s commitment to establishing a so-called VR presence coincides with new successes toward the popular Metaverse trend. The Metaverse is subject to a lot of skepticism and scrutiny from naysayers. However, it hasn’t deterred Rabbi Shmuli Nachlas, Rabbi Yisroel Wilhelm, along with their wives, and Alex Gelbert who make up the team of the Jewish Youth Network.

Chabbad News - Enters the Metaverse

The enthusiastic group has their eye on Decentraland, one of the most developed virtual places. They wish to join the Metaverse and open up a Chabbad center as their way of bringing together fellow Jews. They are dedicated to designing a complete operational virtual Chabbad House where people can meet and inspire each other, as well as learn and create. 

The MANA Chabbad Jewish Center is in Construction!

Some people are skeptical about the whole idea of virtual reality and can’t understand how that fictional world would work, especially if real estate is available for buying. 

The Rabbis and their team have officially purchased a virtual land, which they paid for with crypto – the currency used in Metaverse. Their most recent idea is the MANA Chabbad Jewish Center, which is in construction and is named after the Etherum token in Decentraland that powers it. 

While the MANA Chabbad Jewish Center is planned to incorporate a place for studying the Torah, having community events, and generally connecting with fellow Jews, the Metaverse has its own limitations when it comes to some specific rituals. The “mitzvot” – Jewish ritual commandments, that Chabbad frequently promotes are naturally physical actions that can’t be done virtually. Therefore, some rituals will remain exclusive to the real world. 

The Center is being built with the intention to bring light to people lost as Decentraland is creating a world in which people can easily lose control of themselves. The MANA Jewish Center was established to serve as a guide, grounding people back to this world, and helping them find themselves again. 

Their vision of taking advantage of the potential of the Internet or, to disclose the purpose of its creation by God, is bringing the depth and wisdom of Judaism to Jews all over the world. This can be best done through websites that receive a great number of visitors per year from all around the world.

Today, this organization is the first religious one to have purchased real estate in Decentraland. The MANA Chabbad Jewish Center is not just the first Jewish appearance in the Metaverse, but also one of the first religious and spiritual counseling virtual institutions. 

Even though the project is still in its early stages, the MANA Center is on a good way towards expanding even more in the future. It is planned to replicate the Chabbad World Headquarters, with the hopes of bringing familiarity to the Jewish community in the Metaverse. In a virtual world when everything is fast-paced and unknown to many people, the Rabbis are looking forward to offering something that feels like home. 


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