Meta Announces Free Access to its VR Social Platform Horizon Worlds

Meta Announces Free Access to its VR Social Platform Horizon Worlds

Lara Raven

Lara Raven

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A special invite is no longer needed for anyone to join Meta’s VR social platform Horizon Worlds. Meta, Facebook’s parent in a way, has finally allowed free access to Horizon Worlds for all people of legal age residing in the US or Canada. 

Horizon Worlds is Meta’s first effort to release anything similar to CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s concept of the Metaverse.

It’s a large, collaborative system that integrates Roblox and Ready Player One’s OASIS VR reality. The platform, which was initially named Horizon, requires a Facebook account and allows you to spend time with up to 20 users in a virtual location at the same time.

Horizon Worlds Today

Horizon Worlds was launched in September 2019 as a closed beta. Today, the app has moved from primarily being a Minecraft-like environment for developing games to an online community. You can now meet new people, stage comedy performances, vibe to concert performers, or even create your own Cinema Paradiso. 

Another distinguishing feature of Horizon Realms is the presence of human escorts who meet new users when they teleport from the Plaza to other worlds. These guides are power users who have been trained by Meta staff to know the best methods for browsing Horizon and adhering to its behavior guidelines.

Apart from the free-access announcement, Meta introduced Arena Clash, a new team-based 3v3 laser tag game within Horizon Worlds. In addition, Meta is releasing new game mechanics and templates for designers to utilize when creating their own games. Creators may now alter working scripts to build their own games for the community to enjoy. 

Building Your World

Speaking of building, there’s a creator lounge area where you can build items and worlds from scratch. With the help of the building tools, you can use the pre-written building codes, or you can write your own. 

The idea of creating simple code that specifies the rules of functioning – a weapon discharging as you pull the trigger or a ball bouncing and meeting a wall – is an important aspect of Horizon Worlds. 

The scripts, which are called script blocks in the Metaverse, work almost identically to Photoshop layering, as it allows you to join rules to build complicated interactions, such as a leaderboard that automatically changes once a game is completed.

Up to this point, Meta workers have been creating codes at the suggestion of the testers. Nevertheless, the business intends to distribute a free library of scripts in the future. Moreover, an object’s resource repository is also on the way. 

Although scripting blocks are now coded fully in VR, Meta intends to allow them to be created from a desktop PC in the future.

Safety Concerns Regarding Meta’s VR Social Platform

The safety of the users could be a potential issue while using the VR social platform Horizon Worlds. The sole fact that you can communicate with strangers from all over the world may sound terrifying to some.

However, the company is working on the clock to make the VR platform a better and safer environment for everyone. Despite all efforts, there still have been safety reports by both testers and users. 

Not so long ago, in the official Facebook group of Horizon Worlds, there was a beta tester making a complaining that her avatar was sexually harassed by another stranger. What’s more so, the tester added that no one else reacted to the incident, although there were other users watching. 

I think we can all agree that sexual harassment is a huge issue in the real world – we don’t need it in the Metaverse as well. 

Luckily, all it takes is a press of a button to stay safe in the Metaverse. Players have the option to block individuals, as Meta staff are trying to make sure that the block button is as accessible and visible as possible. 

The Future of Horizon Worlds 

For the time being, players cannot make any money in Horizon Worlds, regardless of their role as creators, guides, or participants. The good news is, this should be changed soon. Meta plans to integrate Horizon Workrooms, which could add monetization to the platform. 

On the other hand, there’s a heavy creator’s fund counting up to 10 million dollars. As a creator, you can join the competitions and win a share. Nevertheless, the fact that you can create your own world and actions is thrilling enough! 

Horizon Worlds is a relatively new world, which means it will take time and effort for the platform to get to its expected state. However, with the upcoming releases of the script blocks library, the nationwide availability, and the newly released games – the future is looking bright! 

To join the Metaverse through the Horizon Worlds, all you will need is a Facebook account and an Oculus Quest 2 VR headset


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