Less Mills Enters the Metaverse with a Boxing game

Les Mills – Entering the Metaverse with a Brand New VR Boxing Game

Lara Raven

Lara Raven

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VR fanatics – get ready to get your gloves on since the ever-so-famous fitness club Les Mills has revealed a brand new VR boxing game – BODYCOMBAT VR!

The game is not just about boxing, since it’s somewhat of a mixture of intricate martial arts and shadowboxing. You’ll get the chance to use your full body and legs when playing – not just your hands.

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BODYCOMBAT VR is fully accessible on the platform called Meta Quest for a price of $29.99. VR Studio Odder Labs are the marksman who created the game, alongside the directors of Les Mills, Rachael Newsham, and Dan Cohen.

Game Movements & Functions

This VR game includes basic boxing movements such as uppercuts, hooks, jabs. Squats and slides are also included to avoid barriers as stated by Les Mills. Other actions include snatching targets and slamming them against the knee of the user who plays the game.

There are handpicked playlists that circulate the game, while the setting is based on interstellar deserts and modern cityscapes. 

If you’re playing BODYCOMBAT VR, you’ll be rewarded for your skills, the techniques you’re using, and the commitment you’ve put into them. All in all, 25 workout sessions are waiting for you. These cover a wide range of challenges, with both Cohen and Newsham on hand to offer coaching and training advice. 

Rings a bell, right? It does because the famous VR exercise program called Supernatural did something similar in the recent past. Supernatural introduced boxing to its exercise lineup in October, and the principles appear to be quite comparable to those seen in the BODYCOMBAT VR clip. 

Both Supernatural and Les Mills have passionate users and fans, yet not everybody desires to purchase two memberships, which isn’t a bad thing. To get to play BODYCOMBAT VR, you’ll just have to pay a one-time price, as per the Meta Quest Help Twitter, and subscribe to other memberships later on. 

Les Mills Technological Advancement 

It’s safe to say that Les Mills is among the most technologically advanced exercise brands available on the market. It incorporates the Les Mills +, a membership platform for streaming that works with Xbox, Apple TV, and Roku. There were many face-to-face gym and fitness chains that scurried to generate web content as fast as possible considering the uprising demands of at-home workout routines. Les Mills took the spotlight on online workout routines since they launched it back in 2015. 

Quite frankly, Les Mills is demonstrating that same foresight by adjusting to the wondrous settlement of the Metaverse. Many individuals feel that virtual reality is the next breakthrough that’s bound to happen to the fitness scene, and as we can see, some of them have already gotten on the bandwagon. 

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Even the all-mighty Mark Zuckerberg highlighted to the worldwide public that fitness and training sessions alike are a potential growth sector in the Metaverse when he rebranded Facebook to become Meta.

Interestingly enough, Meta briefly secured a developer from Supernatural called Within, as well as released a so-called “Active Pack” of health-focused peripherals for Quest 2. This thoroughly demonstrates the belief of Mark Zuckerberg that virtual reality fitness is surely becoming a breakthrough.

The Old-But-New “Online Fitness Phenomenon”

There are other significant fitness firms that have stepped into the Metaverse “VR Fitness Phenomenon” game. It’s not just Les Mills who went into action and experimented with virtual reality gaming. Peloton stated the year prior that it will be establishing a video game on cycling called “Lanebreak”.

But, it wasn’t all that bright of an idea and everything started to fell off when they announced a temporary halt on the production of treadmills and bikes.

Then again, even fitness as an online gaming idea isn’t a brand new occurrence, but the old-but-new phenomenon started to bloom once more in the Metaverse. People have utilized games in the past years such as Dance Dance Revolution, Wii Fit, Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure, and even Beat Saber to help with their weight loss and overall well-being.

You can locate a bunch of other great virtual reality fitness games situated on the Meta Quest platform, which are, all in all, superbly made for ecstatic training sessions.

What’s more, these games are also great for both your well-being and offer fitness sessions similar to those you’re opting for in Wii Fit.

This realization has hit many fitness brands and they’re ready to traverse and build exercises that fall in the sector of virtual reality and the Metaverse.

Be sure that you’ll see more and more of these fitness names competing against each other in the Metaverse playfield – and it will be a sight to see and an action to partake in.

And before you know it, VR fitness games and metaverse activities will be all the world can talk about.


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