Metaverse travel may soon become the norm

Metaverse Travel May Soon Become the Norm

Lara Raven

Lara Raven

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Although most of us knew this was coming, virtual travel is becoming more of a reality, because of the metaverse.

Thanks to 5G speeds, better VR headsets, and faster computers and devices, it is now possible to travel across the world without ever stepping on a plane.

The technologies that make this possible are virtual and augmented realities (VR and AR), edge computing, and the metaverse.

Virtual travel will help people visit destinations and resorts that they have always dreamed of, but they will also be able to interact with people they have never met before. 

Metaverse Travel Can Feel Authentic

Although touch-based immersive experiences have already been discovered, they are still in nascent stages and are not yet sophisticated enough to make virtual travel genuinely immersive.

Currently, we can only interact with the metaverse using our visual and auditory senses.

However, shortly, pundits predict that complete multisensory experiences could be the order of the day.

As a result, virtual travel will feel more authentic and help you avoid unnecessary risks associated with actual travel. 

Metaverse travel can feel authentic

Here are some examples that you may be able to do as part of a virtual tour:

  1. Visit bakeries in Paris or sit at sidewalk cafes watching the world pass by
  2. Taste excellent wines at vineyards right in the middle of Tuscany, Italy
  3. Visit museums where you may be able to touch objects that you will never be allowed to in real life
  4. Try out new restaurants and cuisines from across the world
  5. Meet new people and attend parties at places like Mykonos and Monte Carlo

As you can see, you can do just about anything that a tourist can while you lounge on your couch with your headsets and other metaverse devices.

Seoul is Already Planning To Go “Meta”

Yesha Sivan, a professor at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, agrees.

He says the metaverse will completely change our lives, just like the internet did decades ago.

As there won’t be a single metaverse, there might be many virtual places and spaces to discover and explore.

If you are keen to visit a metaverse-enabled real site, you can already visit Seoul, South Korea.

In September 2021, Seoul’s officials announced that it will go meta by 2023.

The project is tentatively titled Metaverse Seoul and will allow you to discover several spots in the city. 

Metaverse-Enabled Virtual Travel May Arrive Sooner Than You Realize

All you need to experience metaverse travel may be VR headsets and specific devices that use sensors to create an immersive experience.

We have already witnessed how VR headsets can recreate sensations of a kiss or a fluid running down one’s lips.

So, it might be only a matter of time before we experience a multisensory virtual tour without ever having to step outside our houses.

Considering how risky travel has become after the pandemic, metaverse travel may soon end difficult business meetings, expensive holidays abroad, and epidemic-infested tourist hotspots. 


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