Microsoft gets into industrial metaverse business

Microsoft Gets into Industrial Metaverse Business

Lara Raven

Lara Raven

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In what seems to be a meaningful move, Microsoft announced that Kawasaki is now one of its metaverse customers.

Kawasaki will partner with Microsoft for what the company calls “industrial metaverse.”

Industrial metaverse is another way of describing factory floor workers who will don HoloLens headsets to help speed up production, manage supply chains, and make repairs quickly.

The same headsets will also be used to build robots by workers at Kawasaki’s manufacturing plants.

Kawasaki Will Use Industrial Metaverse To Build Robots

Kawasaki is a Japanese company that manufactures engines, aerospace equipment, motorcycles, and even defense equipment.

Its product range is enormous, and it has been known to manufacture disparate products such as gas turbines, industrial robots, aerospace equipment, and others.

The company plans to use Microsoft’s industrial metaverse to manufacture its industrial robots.

As manufacturing robots is a grueling process for factory workers, the use of Microsoft’s industrial metaverse will likely be a boon.

Kawasaki will use industrial metaverse to build robots

Large Manufacturers are Quickly Adopting Industrial Metaverse

Microsoft first launched HoloLens in 2016, and it has been instrumental in the company’s metaverse journey.

HoloLens uses augmented reality to allow the wearer to visualize digital imagery superimposed on the real-world environment.

The technology uses multiple other cloud applications to assist factory workers in building products quickly and efficiently.

Microsoft eventually plans to create digital twins of workspaces to help workers make repairs and work on the production line in a well-organized manner.

On the other hand, managers can use the HoloLens headset to tackle supply chain problems.

Some of the other companies that have recently announced that they will use Microsoft industrial metaverse include Boeing, Heinz, and others.

Many large companies are betting on Microsoft’s industrial metaverse to quickly ramp up production and avoid human errors and accidents.

There have been reports that HoloLens has been able to avert multiple accidents, potentially saving workers’ lives thanks to the digital imagery superimposed on actual reality.

Microsoft is Trying To Keep Things Accessible For Its Users

Microsoft is looking at mixed reality technology as a viable option shortly.

The idea is to integrate metaverse with reality so that production lines and factory floors are more efficient and safe than they have ever been before.

This may seem drastic but will help all stakeholders to benefit from technology.

Curiously, 3D is not necessary for Micorosft’s industrial metaverse.

It works on 2D screens, making the technology more accessible to people and workers.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Microsoft is actively looking at expanding its metaverse offerings across manufacturing units globally.

It remains to be seen how quickly smaller and medium-sized manufacturing units will adopt it.

Microsoft’s Industrial Metaverse is Still Developing

Although Microsoft’s industrial metaverse is not yet fully developed, it has already been used by multiple brands like Heinz, Boeing, and now Kawasaki.

The company’s HoloLens and other products may help build safer and more efficient production lines and repair units for workers, leading to a win-win situation for workers, their employers, and the end-users of the products.


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