Snoop Dogg’s new video highlights the importance of the metaverse

Snoop Dogg’s New Video Highlights the Importance of the Metaverse

Lara Raven

Lara Raven

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In what seems to be an appropriately titled single, Snoop Dogg released a compelling music video for “House I Built”.

The video is set in a 3D virtual world that is Snoop Dogg-themed.

The artist had mentioned earlier that he is building an entire digital world themed after him, called “Snoopverse”.

The track sounds very catchy and is emblematic of Snoop’s musical style. The video pays obeisance to emerging technologies such as Web3, NFTs, virtual worlds, and cryptocurrency.

Snoop’s New Video is an Ode to the Metaverse

The video begins with a call to a person called Nick, in which Snoop casually asks how much his sandbox is worth at the moment.

Nick responds by saying Snoop’s sandbox token is worth $4.8 million. Snoop further probes for how much the token started initially.

Nick responds by saying $300,000, an obvious reference to how valuable tokens are currently. Soon after, the virtual camera pans to Snoop Dogg appearing on stage.

He sits on a throne surrounded by several situations yanked from his future Snoopers project.

It is no secret that Snoop Dogg enjoys a huge fan following. It makes sense that he plans to monetize his fans’ interest in his lifestyle by creating a virtual replica in the metaverse.

Consequently, his fans can pay $2,000 for early access to his Snoopverse, where they can discover his real-life mansion in the virtual space. In addition, they can also attend virtual concerts.

The music video is of course free, unlike an entry into the Snoopverse.

It is a good opportunity for those who are Snoop Dogg fans to briefly discover what his life is like, where he lives, and the kind of luxuries he surrounds himself with.

It is important to note that Snoop plans to use his virtual space to hold concerts and encourage other artists to do the same.

Conclusion The Metaverse May Inspire Other Musicians

While it is not clear how quickly other entertainers and musicians will get on the metaverse, it sure looks like it will happen slowly and steadily, if not quickly.

As Snoop Dogg is an important name in the music industry, other artists will closely emulate what he does, and probably create virtual spaces of their own.

It is only a matter of time before the music industry moves to the metaverse en masse.


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