The US Military to use the Metaverse for training

Can Metaverse Be Used to Train US Military Personnel?

Lara Raven

Lara Raven

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While news related to the metaverse has mostly been dominated by companies purchasing virtual plots and people playing video games, the US military is not to be far behind.

On the 10th of May, fighter pilots conducted a metaverse experiment using Berkut 540 jets that indicates the direction the army is taking. 

The pilots wore military-grade AR headsets to overlay ghostly refueling aircraft gliding past them in the skies.

The pilots then conducted a refueling maneuver while the virtual tanker gazed at the events unfolding.

This experiment was one of the first of its kind, marking the entry of the US Military into the metaverse. 

VR and AR are Helping the US Army to Get Better at its Game

Armies worldwide have toyed with both virtual and augmented realities (VR and AR) to simulate enemy fighter jets, weapons, and other military components.

The US is closely building its metaverse to help its trainees simulate fighting against Russian and Chinese warplanes.

Metaverse helps armies simulate situations in which they have to fight against enemy weaponry.

The company assisting the US Army is Red 6, which combines artificial intelligence with virtual simulation. 

Red6 is, in other words, building multiplayer video games for the US Army in the skies.

Its simulated games will help army personnel to work in extreme conditions. As AR enables the technology, it can create several war-like scenarios virtually. 

The US Army has also announced that it will pay $22 billion to Microsoft so that it can develop a military-grade version of its HoloLens AR system. This is called the Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS).

It is worth noting that Project Avenger was yet another mission to help train US Navy pilots, and the Office of Naval Research and the University of California jointly worked on the virtual environment necessary for training. 

The US Army may use metaverse for several projects

Currently, the US military is focused on using the metaverse to train its pilots, soldiers, and marines to deal with enemy weaponry and fighter jets.

However, the US Army may not restrict the use of metaverse in training. It may use virtual spaces to conduct defense exercises and invest in research and development.

These virtual spaces on the metaverse will not be available to the public. They may be constructed as a parallel metaverse restricted solely to army personnel. 

US Army’s Decision to Build its Metaverse for Training is a Step in the Right Direction

While the military’s no stranger to virtual and augmented reality, the news of the US Army building its metaverse to train its fighter pilots is exciting.

In addition, metaverse can prove to be a valuable military asset that helps train new recruits and helps discover new defense and attack strategies.

In the volatile atmosphere that the world lives in today, simulated army exercises are the need of the hour.

The American military personnel seems to understand this the best, and it might be for the best of everyone. 


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