WendyVerse - Officially Entered the Metaverse

Wendy’s Launches Wendyverse — A Themed Virtual Town

Lara Raven

Lara Raven

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Wendy’s, the popular fast-food chain, has entered the metaverse with its own 3D space called Wendyverse. The virtual world was built in partnership with Meta, formerly known as Facebook. Wendyverse is an ode to all things that make the iconic brand cherishable.

To experience the fast-food giant’s metaverse space, all one needs is a Quest 2 VR headset. Although many may not have this particular VR headset, compatibility may soon be expanded. Users can walk through Wendyverse, and admire Wendy’s themed virtual town at their own pace. The move is one of the first of its kind in the fast-food industry.

Wendy’s is a metaverse pioneer

Wendy’s seems to be one of the first fast-food giants to enter the metaverse. Many restaurants, food chains, and even bars have looked into creating 3D spaces on the metaverse to gain a stronger foot holding. Wendy’s seems to have made the right decision by creating the virtual space before its competitors do.

Some of the other brands that have entered the virtual world include HSBC and Estée Lauder. In addition, artists such as Snoop Dogg have also entered the metaverse to promote their music. In short, the biggest names in the industry are scrambling to enter the metaverse.

What do the visitors experience on Wendyverse?

When visitors enter Wendyverse, they will be greeted by a fountain of Fanta soda, and a basketball court. The basketball court is called Buck BiscuitDome, to attract basketball fans in the coming months.

WendyVerse Virtual Restaurant

In addition, just for $1, visitors to Wendyverse can enjoy a virtual meal of cheese biscuits, eggs, and sausage or bacon.

The fantasy virtual city also comes with a golden statue of Wendy, completing a full circle of building a metaverse brand identity. It is a teachable moment for others in the hospitality industry.

Conclusion: other fast-food joints and restaurants may follow suit

Shortly, these virtual spaces created by fast-food joints may become virtual experience centers. Visitors may then order what they enjoy the most, and have it delivered home in their real life.

This could be a moment of learning for other restaurants and fast food joints to start preparing their virtual menu cards and experience centers that make use of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and NFTs.

As with most transactions on the metaverse, Wendyverse accepts NFTs and coins.

It is not clear if the company plans to launch its currency later on.


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