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Best battery packs for Oculus Quest 2

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How often has your Oculus VR experience been interrupted by a low battery? Do these kinds of mishaps just happen to you? If so, we have the perfect solution!

All Oculus fans know that the internal Quest 2 battery just doesn’t cut it. It lasts only two to three hours tops and prevents players from fully immersing in their favorite games.

Luckily, several battery packs for oculus quest 2 can fix this problem in the blink of an eye. 

Most of these superior power banks are easy to use, have a super-fast charging time, and provide over five hours of battery life. Features we can agree all VR grandmasters crave!

Remember that it’s important to prioritize comfort and battery capacity when searching for the best battery packs for Oculus Quest 2

Ideally, they should be lightweight with an electric charge of between 10,000 and 20,000 mAh. 

Read our guide below for starting your Oculus power bank quest on the right foot!

Can You Charge Oculus Quest 2 With a Battery Pack?

You can charge your battery packs for Oculus Quest 2. In fact, experienced VR users highly recommend this practice as it extends battery life and provides a smooth and carefree VR immersion. 

You can significantly benefit from battery pack charging if you frequently attend virtual conferences. After all, no one wants to lose battery in the middle of a speech or an important Q&A.

To charge your Oculus with a battery pack, connect the power bank to the headset USB port. You can use a USB cable or directly connect it to the port. 

However, this only applies to headset charging, as you can’t replace or boost your controller’s battery with a power bank.

How Long Does Oculus 2 Battery Last?

The battery run time for your Oculus 2 will depend on multiple factors. The most notable one is the type of battery you use. 

For example, the internal Oculus batteries have a capacity of 3,640 mAh and last up to three hours for watching movies and two hours for playing.

However, if you charge your device with a 10,000 mAh + battery pack, you can use Oculus for five to eight hours non-stop. In addition, different power banks provide varying battery run times. 

One of the best ones currently is undoubtedly the Nirvana VR Power Bank. This battery ultra-pack offers up to eight-hour VR sessions, making it perfect for enthusiastic and more experienced players.

Other key factors influencing battery run time are charging practices, settings, temperature, and storage. 

Here is what you should know about each to extend your battery life. 

1. Charging 

Most novice VR players make the mistake of overcharging their devices. 

To avoid this mistake, stop charging as soon as the light turns green, and don’t charge Oculus overnight or while you are away. That reduces not only battery run time but also the battery capacity.

2. Settings

Two Oculus settings are crucial for extending battery run time—Auto Wake & Auto Sleep.

When the Auto Wake is on, Quest 2 will automatically turn on if it suspects you are using it. That is a neat setting, but it can burn your battery by wrongly sensing activity when there is none.

On the other hand, your Quest 2 will automatically turn off when you are not using the device when Auto Sleep is on. As a result, this will extend your battery run time.

So, you need to turn off Auto Wake and turn on Auto Sleep. You can easily find both settings by opening the “sub-menu” and then the “power setting.”.

3. Temperature

Every electronic device is vulnerable to extreme temperatures.

Because it works on AA lithium batteries, keeping your Oculus in spaces that are too hot or too cold will inevitably ruin the battery capacity, resulting in much shorter VR sessions.

4. Storage

University research showed how the battery percentage at which you store the Oculus also affects battery life and capacity.

Researchers kept two devices at 104°F with one battery charged at 40% and the other at 100%. 

One can say that the results are counterintuitive since the one charged at 40% retained 75% of its capacity while the other set at 100% boasted only 65% of its power.

What is the Battery Packs for Oculus Quest 2?

You can enjoy your Quest 2 anywhere with a power bank, even when camping out in the woods. You just need to plug the power bank into the headset’s USB port and you are good to go for over five hours.

Most power banks last five to six years and have fast charging times. But to ensure quality performance and comfort, you find a power bank that is suitable for Oculus. 

Read below to discover which Oculus-compatible power banks are favored by experts.

1. Nirvana VR Power Bank

Nirvana battery pack for oculus quest 2 is one of the most popular Oculus power banks and for good reason. This battery pack has 274% of the Quest 2 original internal battery capacity—10,000 mAh. 

Plus, it’s attachable to the Oculus basic and elite strap and even to an elite strap with a battery.

What makes this power bank unique is its fantastic run time with a maximum of eight hours. 

To make things even better, the Nirvana VR power bank also has a super-fast charging time—up to six hours for a 100% charge.

Another one of Nirvana’s top perks is the even weight distribution. 

That takes off pressure from your face and head and as a result, prevents headaches. It comes in a neat pouch that you attach to the back of your Oculus. 

Some other notable perks worth mentioning are:

  1. A LED screen that shows battery life;
  2. Four USB ports;
  3. Sleek pouch design;
  4. Comes in a package—battery, battery holder, cable, cable holder, and pouch;
  5. 90-day guarantee.

2. FosPower 2000mAh

The people behind FosPower were not messing around when they created this power bank. 

Its built-in short circuit allows FosPower to withstand earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornados, and nearly every other natural disaster.

Not only can it withstand natural disasters, but this power bank also comes with a compass, carabiner, and a LED flashlight. 

Plus, it’s dust, dirt, snow, and water-resistant. In fact, it can stay submerged meter-deep in water for half an hour. 

Having all these characteristics in mind, we doubt there is a better power bank for adventurous souls.

With a capacity of 2000mAh, FosPower will provide you with almost the same run time as Nirvana. 

However, it does have extra benefits like being certified by IP67 as safe for usage and having a built-in over-heat and over-charge protection.

3. Rebuff Reality VR Power

This battery pack boasts a design specifically for Oculus Quest 1 and 2. For that reason, you don’t need a mod to connect it to your VR headset.

The Rebuff Reality VR Power weighs a bit more than others—420g, but it provides a similar capacity—10,000mAh. 

At such capacity, it offers eight hours of playing and up to ten hours of streaming in VR.

Players praise it for its comfort as it provides superior weight distribution, completely relieving pressure off your face

Other notable benefits of Rebuff Reality VR Power are:

  • UL and CE-certified;
  • One-year warranty;
  • Sleek design;
  • Digitally optimized to run at maximum capacity at all times;
  • Has a central power button with a rotational power indication.

4. Anker PowerCore 20,100mAh

With a customer base of over 50 million, Anker is a giant in the charging technology industry. 

The company is exemplary for mixing innovation and user-friendliness. Three of Anker’s power banks are suitable and highly recommended for Oculus Quest 2.

The first is the Anker PowerCore 20,100mAh. VR enthusiasts prefer this battery pack for multiple reasons—it uses advanced charging technology, weighs less than a tin can, has super-fast charging, works with phone chargers, and has a superior battery capacity of 20,100mAh.

The second is the Anker PowerCore + 3350mAh. This battery pack has a speedy charging time, is compatible with smartphones, has a multi-protect system, and is small in size, which is excellent for keeping things on the practical side.

The third is the Anker PowerCore 10,400mAh, sought-after by Oculus users for three main reasons. It has a charging speed of three amps, protection against electric surges and short circuits, and it is affordable.

All three Anker battery pack for oculus quest 2  come with a micro USB cable, a portable charger, and a cute pouch to make things even better.

Can You Get a Better Battery for Oculus Quest 2?

Of course, you can get a better battery for Oculus Quest 2! Not many people are satisfied with the original Oculus batteries, so there are always other options. 

That applies both to the headset’s internal battery and the controllers’ disposable ones that come with the device. As a result, additional Oculus batteries have rapidly gained popularity.

For upgrading the battery of your Oculus controllers, you just need to replace the initial disposable battery with another one, preferably a rechargeable battery. 

You can get inspired by the best Panasonic batteries we will discuss more below. 

Unfortunately, you technically can’t replace the internal battery when it comes to the headset. 

However, you can significantly improve headset performance and battery life with your favorite power bank. 

It’s critical to use battery packs specifically designed for VR sets and Oculus for improved safety and overall quality.

Oculus Quest 2 Power Bank Strap

Finding and purchasing the ideal Oculus headset power bank isn’t enough! Your quest will be 100% complete once you obtain an appropriate battery pack strap. 

The strap will attach the power bank to your headset, so it needs to be tight, strong, and adjustable.

There are many Oculus Quest 2 Power Bank Straps currently available, but the KIWI and Esimen straps are the most sought-after ones. 

These two power bank straps have a sleek design, reduce head pressure, and allow VR users to adjust the size.

The Best Rechargeable Batteries for Oculus Quest 2?

Oculus Quest 2 has two main components—the headset and the controllers. 

Traditionally, VR users charge the headset through a USB cable and the controllers with a disposable battery that comes with the set and is included in the price.

But everybody knows that disposable batteries are a thing of the past. 

We suggest replacing your controller’s disposable batteries with rechargeable ones to keep pace with the times and improve your VR experience simultaneously.

If you opt for this upgrade, you’ll be able to recharge the same controller battery over again. 

This is more eco-friendly and a perfect solution for VR users who frequently forget to buy disposable batteries in time and end up stuck with a drained-out controller battery.

If you still have your doubts, read more about the best Panasonic batteries compatible with Oculus below.

1. Panasonic 3-Hour Quick Charger

Every rechargeable battery has a different amount of mAh and recharge times. The higher these numbers are, the better the battery. 

Having this in mind, the Panasonic 3-Hour Quick Charger is in a class of its own.

Its capacity is 2,000 mAh and it can recharge up to 2,100 times

As evident in the name, these batteries’ charging time is less than three hours, and you can plug them into the charger both when partially and fully drained. 

To upgrade your battery kit, purchase the Panasonic batteries with quick charger accessories. We promise—it will be worth your while!

2. Panasonic Eneloop Pro AA Rechargeable Batteries

Compared to the previous Panasonic batteries, the Eneloop Pro AAs have more capacity— 2,500mAh, but fewer recharge times—500. 

However, keep in mind that higher capacity means you’ll need to recharge them less often. 

So, it’s safe to say that the differences between the Panasonic Eneloop Pro and the Panasonic 3-Hour Quick Charge aren’t astounding.

Some other notable benefits of the Panasonic Eneloop PRO AA are:

  1. Keeps 85% charge when not used for a year;
  2. No memory effect;
  3. 1.2 volts & 4.0 Unit counts;
  4. You can purchase them with a charger.

What batteries do I need for Oculus Quest 2 Controller?

The Oculus Quest 2 controllers use a pair of AA batteries. To ensure uninterrupted gameplay, it’s recommended to have spare AA batteries on hand or consider rechargeable batteries for a more sustainable and cost-effective power solution.

FAQs for Battery Packs for Oculus Quest 2

What is the battery life of the Meta Quest 2?

The Meta Quest 2 has a battery life of approximately three hours on a single charge.

Is it safe to use an external battery packs for oculus quest 2?

Yes, using external battery packs for oculus quest 2 is entirely safe. It allows you to charge the headset while in use, eliminating the need to take it off for charging. Meta even offers a first-party head strap with a built-in battery pack for added convenience.

Does using an external battery pack make the Quest 2 uncomfortable?

External battery packs for oculus quest 2 are generally lightweight, ensuring they do not cause discomfort during use. For optimal comfort, consider investing in a head strap with an integrated battery pack.

Enjoying the Meta Quest 2 offline provides users with the flexibility to immerse themselves in virtual reality experiences without the need for a constant internet connection, offering a seamless and untethered gaming experience.

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