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PlayStation is wildly popular because of its great superhero games, and the newest Marvel’s Iron Man VR is a great addition to that list

Characteristic Description
Compatibility PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5
Display OLED display with 1920x1080 resolution
Field of View Approximately 100 degrees
Refresh Rate 120Hz
Tracking 6 degrees of freedom (6DoF)
Controllers PlayStation Move motion controllers
Audio Built-in 3D audio and microphone
Connectivity HDMI and USB connections
Comfort Adjustable headband and comfortable design
Content Includes Marvel's Iron Man VR game

VR games are slowly taking over the gaming world, most notably the consoles. After PlayStation’s VR was released in October of 2016, games took a new shape. As soon as you don those VR goggles, you’re going to experience a new sphere of gaming never seen before. 


PlayStation is wildly popular because of its great superhero games, and the newest Marvel’s Iron Man VR is a great addition to that list. People will actually get the chance to set foot in Iron Man’s suit and replace Tony Stark as the city’s protector for the first time. Marvel’s Iron Man VR is the first of many virtual reality games in the Marvel universe, and it’s a great intro to what follows after this game.


Today, we’re going to explore Marvel’s Iron Man VR, including all of its features, gameplay, story, pros, and cons. Let’s see what we got!

Characters and Settings


Most of the characters in the game are taken from the Avengers comics and, of course, the Iron Man franchise. The main storyline is set five years after Tony Stark took the alter ego of Iron Man. You’ll see a couple of S.H.I.E.L.D characters throughout the game, such as the chairman Nick Fury and his Deputy Director Maria Hill. The story’s main antagonists are the villain’s Ghost and Living Laser, which Tony battles to uncover the secret behind the name of Tim Shung. 


Ghost is a supervillain who uses an advanced tech suit, allowing him to move through solid objects. Throughout the game, Ghost taunts Iron Man for his past failures and holds him responsible for the destruction caused by Stark’s weapons.


The story takes an unexpected turn when you and Ghost will form a truce and work together to stop the mastermind behind it all – a person called ‘Gunsmith.’ Gunsmith is an anagram of Tim Shung, revealing that he used Ghost’s personal vendetta to force Stark to produce new weapons of mass destruction. Gunsmith believes that the world will be a safer place, but nothing good can come out of it, right?

The First VR Superhero


The newest Iron Man game was delayed a couple of times due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and it was finally released on July 3, 2020. People were more than excited to get their hands on the edition, as superheroes were not yet available in virtual reality mode. 


Iron Man is going to be remembered as the first Marvel superhero to appear in virtual reality.  The game is even more popular because Iron Man is a high-tech character and was beloved by the audience who already watched his movies and read his comics. It is clear Darkwind Media, and Camouflaj made a good decision bringing Tony Stark to VR.


While enjoying the game through a virtual reality headset, you’ll feel what it is like to roam the skies in the armor.


Iron Man should be considered a stepping stone for more virtual reality games from Marvel, and the first one on the list could be Spider-Man!

Graphics are Amazing

The one thing everyone has noticed while playing Iron Man or VR is the magnificent design. Since the game is using PlayStation’s VR headset, you can expect nothing more than flawless high-quality graphics and environment. Even though the VR set from PlayStation was released in 2016, it’s still capable of delivering an excellent experience, incomparable to games played on Oculus or any other VR headset.


The majority of the game is based in the skies over Manhattan, meaning that graphics play a huge role. The combat in the game is incredibly engaging and detailed, giving you an almost real-life feeling. 


Moreover, the graphics are the most praised part of the game, besides the game’s story. If we can compare the graphics on Marvel’s Spider-Man, which is more popular than Iron Man, we can say that they’re almost identical. 


New Combat Mechanics and Upgrades


The combat mechanics are praised by gamers worldwide, as it is something never seen before. You’ll get the chance to shoot lasers and beams from Iron Man’s armor, replacing Tony Stark as the main protagonist. Since the combat in the game is set in the skies over New York, every new enemy will require proper firepower to bring it down. As you progress through the game and its levels, you’ll receive further updates on the suits and their arsenal.


The combat is made more accessible with the hand controllers of PlayStation’s VR, sometimes even making it look too easy. Aerial combat is the game’s main feature, so don’t expect any hand-to-hand fights to take place.


When it comes to upgrades, you’ll receive them frequently on each completed level. What’s interesting about the upgrades is that they’re very cheap, and you can improve your armor instantly. The enhancements include system improvement, a more potent arsenal, and unlocking different types of auxiliary weapons. 

Controls are Surprisingly Practical

Surprisingly, the controls on the newest Iron Man VR game are practical. You already know that PlayStation’s VR comes with two hand controllers, and you won’t need anything more than that. Since the game is created to be easy to play in most cases, you probably won’t encounter any problems.

The great thing about the controllers is their excellent use in combat. Unlike some first-person games, you won’t need many buttons to fight an enemy or a boss. Understandably, you can change the controls in the game’s settings to make it even more practical than it already is.  

Pros & Cons

Even though Marvel’s Iron Man VR is a great addition, the game has its pros and cons. While some players see more advantages than disadvantages, others are disappointed. For now, the developers hold back instead of improving it.

Below, we have all the pros and cons of Iron Man VR, so let’s dive in. 

Great Open-World Experience

Since Marvel’s Iron Man is based in VR, it’s obvious to expect a marvelous open-world experience. As you fly above The Big Apple, you can explore different city areas without being on a mission. The only problem you will encounter during free roam is loading screens. As you enter an unexplored area, the game will start a loading process, which can sometimes be frustrating.

Overall, the open-world experience is unique since you get to use a VR headset to access this part of the Marvel universe.

The Story is Poorly Told

Our first con on the list is the story of the game. Unlike other Marvel releases like Spider-Man who has a splendid story, that’s not the case with Iron Man VR. The story starts with Tony Stark struggling with his past as a weapon dealer and war profiteer, and it’s shaken when a new villain named Ghost emerges. More or less, the majority of the story revolves around Stark explaining his feelings from the past while battling against Ghost.

Overall, the developers could have added a better storyline rather than going back to the early days of the Iron Man franchise. Thankfully, you aren’t here to play only Tony Stark, but Iron Man as well, so it’s not all that bad.

Repetitive Missions

For a game to be challenging enough, it must contain new missions along the way. More missions will make the game interesting for the gamer and give him a reason to play it until the end. It’s evident that Marvel’s Iron Man VR creators did the opposite and put little-to-none effort into designing new in-game missions.

Most of the missions in the game will repeat themselves in the aspect of fighting and chasing opponents. Although this could have been expected since the game is set on the NY’s skyline, it is still a reason many gamers found this game unsatisfying. But, for those who want to enjoy something other than the missions, this con still wasn’t a deciding feature to cast away the game.

In-Game Upgrades are Not That Fun

The upgrades in the game are easily obtainable, even at the start of the game. Your armor can undergo significant improvements with each completed mission, which many games didn’t find challenging enough. Moreover, all upgrades are pretty cheap, and you’ll probably have enough resources to buy any of them. This makes the game too accessible and easy to play through, which can be good for inexperienced gamers, but it is definitely seen as a con from the more experienced ones. For a complex VR game such as Iron Man, the game lacks competitive features in every aspect.

Pros Cons
Immersive Iron Man VR experience Requires a PlayStation console and VR headset
Intuitive and engaging gameplay May induce motion sickness for some players
High-quality graphics and visuals Exclusive to PlayStation VR platform
Unique superhero storyline Limited library of VR games compared to other platforms
Responsive and accurate tracking Requires ample play space for optimal experience
Comfortable and adjustable headset May experience cable management challenges
Supports PlayStation Move controllers May not offer as wide a range of VR experiences as PC-based systems
Compatible with other PlayStation VR titles May require additional purchases for accessories or games
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Fighting Enemies is Not That Simple


Although it might sound like a negative aspect, in fact, it isn’t. As most first-person games have the same fighting styles, this game is totally the opposite. When it comes to fighting bosses and enemies, they will make you fight and move in different ways, meaning it’s not just your regular point-and-fire gameplay. You’ll have a ton of fun while switching combat tactics, as not all enemies are the same. Different opponents will require various weapons arsenals, but the good part is that enemies will more or less remain the same.


The same thing goes for boss fights. Most bosses need the same arsenal, meaning that you will have to change your fighting style at times, but you won’t have to spend hard-earned resources for every boss encounter. 


Optional Side-Missions


One of the optional side missions is known as Flight Challenge, and it is included along with the primary mission ‘Out of the Blue.’ The mission will require you to complete a series of flight missions, which is nothing out of the ordinary. The other optional mission is the Advanced Combat Challenge, where you will shoot up enemies, much like the real story missions.

Final Verdict
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Marvel’s Iron Man VR is overall a great game with certain features that developers can improve on in the future. Besides all the existing cons, the game bolsters excellent sounds and visuals and a new aerial combat perspective.
For all Playstation VR lovers and Marvel fans, if you’re willing to avoid nitpicking and going into the details, the release might be a great introduction to upcoming Marvel superhero games.
The open-world is the game’s best feature, and you can use it to take a break from the story and the side missions. But the story might sound familiar to you if you’re already a life-long Marvel fan. All Iron Man games before have centered around Tony Stark’s first steps towards becoming a superhero, which is somewhat repetitive.
Overall, Marvel’s Iron Man VR is not a revolutionary VR game, but with its recent updates and new features, you can expect to be surprised!
Jeff Pitterman

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Disclaimer: This site may contain links to affiliate websites, which we may receive compensation if you purchase these products