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Top VR covers

  • AMVR kit for the Oculus Quest 2 – offering flexibility
  • VR Cover’s Oculus Quest 2 Set – different interface bracket options, but no included glasses spacer
  • VR Cover’s Fitness Facial Interface – offering improved materials and comfort for fitness enthusiasts
  • VR Cover Valve Index – ideal for cleanliness but may not suit heavy workouts
  • VR Cover Silicone Cover – affordable and great for sweat prevention
  • KIWI’s VR Kit for Oculus Quest – provides multiple add-ons for an enhanced VR experience


The world of virtual reality is at your fingertips, but you are still missing an important piece of the puzzle: a VR cover. For those just getting into the thrill that is cyberspace, a VR cover is an essential part of every VR headset.

VR covers resemble eye masks ─ they cover your eyes and display the virtual environment right in front of you. They’re also made of various materials, namely silicone, foam, and plastic. To pick your winner, you must take note of material pros and cons, the durability of the mask, comfortability level, and so on.

Because the VR face cover you choose can make or break your telepresence, we’re here to assist! This in-depth guide will cover all there is to know about VR covers. 

Let’s get this show on the road, shall we?

How to Choose the Right VR Cover

A VR cover is to your headset what a phone mask is to your mobile device.
The cover protects the hardware while allowing you to enjoy VR in a sanitary and hassle-free manner, similar to a phone mask.

Not every VR cover fits every user, just as not every mask fits every phone.
Choosing an optimal VR interface boils down to two primary factors:


Your VR experience is largely determined by the material you select. Silicone covers are particularly popular since they are soft, supportive, and generate less moisture. The one disadvantage is that they do not absorb sweat, so when you remove your VP cover, sweat will cascade down your face like a waterfall!

Leather VR headcovers are great, and not only because they look all snazzy!
The leather cover will protect your headset by preventing sweat from escaping.
And since a little bit of sweat is unavoidable, your cover will remain in great shape because you can simply wipe it off afterward! This makes leather wraps ideal for those who work out a lot.


The VR cover is meant to sit nicely on your face and adjust to your contours. Those who wear glasses want to enjoy virtual reality, too, so it’s important that you get yourself a cover that provides plenty of space for your glasses.

After all, you want to see that virtual world in HD, don’t you? A VR cover also shouldn’t be too loose or too tight-fitting. Always look into available sizes, and don’t worry, there is one for everyone.

Top VR Covers

Before you give in and purchase your brand new VR cover facial interface, take a look at community top picks, ours included! 

1. AMVR VR Cover Kit

The AMVR kit is meant to be worn with the Oculus Quest 2 headpiece.

For around $20, you will receive a facial interface bracket, VR foam, nose piece, two side pieces for head support, and an eye protector. 

The facial interface bracket is extremely flexible and can be bent to perfectly fit your face. It has velcro all around, which means you can use it with whichever foam you like. The top air vents aid in air circulation and prevent steam from forming, allowing for clearer vision. You can purchase the official Oculus Quest 2 elite strap with it if you’re feeling fancy, which will better the way the interface fits you even more. 

What many users don’t like about the interface, though, is the fact that it’s orange.
To avoid light leaking, most VR covers are completely black.

That means when used in broad daylight, this AMVR cover will let some light sneak in all around the edges.
So, nope, not a big fan of the orange tint. 

The nose piece, on the other hand, is pretty small, allowing it to rest comfortably on your face. And the PU leather foam comes in two sizes: a thick and a thin one.

We recommend opting for the thicker one for better support, and choosing the thinner one for better vision.


  • Two leather foams: (8mm and 12mm)
  • 7″ visible diagonal screen
  • High-quality leather with air holes


  • Top-tier materials 
  • Perfect for summer
  • Can be used with VR cover glasses spacer


  • Orange tint
  • Light can leak through the air vents

2. VR Cover’s Oculus Quest 2 Set

VR Cover’s Oculus Quest 2 edition features a nice-fitting interface bracket, nose piece, and two foam replacements. This one’s a solid competitor of our first pick and offers specific benefits the other one doesn’t.

VR Cover’s interface bracket comes in a thin and thick version, so you can pick the one that best suits your needs. We discovered that the thicker one is really sturdy and will securely hold everything in place.

This thin one, on the other hand, will bring you closer to your desired FOV! And, as a result, you get the best of both worlds. Too bad you can’t use both interface brackets at the same time, though! 

Unfortunately, despite its $29 cost, this kit doesn’t come with a VR cover glasses spacer, and you would have to order VR Cover’s spacer separately, which would add to your overall costs. However, depending on your glasses, they just might fit without it, too.

The interface is all black, which means no light leakage!


  • Silicone, PU leather, foam
  • Wipeable 
  • Vegan leather
  • RoHS tested and approved


  • No light-leakage
  • Fantastic foam replacements
  • Skin-friendly materials


  • Only works with Oculus Quest 2
  • Velcro line is not long enough; not all third-party foam replacements will fit
  • Too sturdy
Better Hygiene, More Comfort for your Oculus Quest 2

3. VR Cover’s Fitness Facial Interface

For just $29, you could be the owner of VR Cover’s latest fitness facial interface! This time, the brand brought on their A-game and greatly improved the quality from their previous products, using their features as a stepping stone to a more sleek, better-fitting frame.

You can use this VR cover with the Oculus Quest 2 headset. In the kit, you will receive a new and improved facial interface; two PU leather foam pads; a cleaning cloth; disposable hygiene covers (because sharing is caring), and a lens protector.

The facial interface is made of rubber and plastic, and its flexibility is far better than the one of their previous releases. The air ventilation is fantastic, going all around the front of the interface and allowing for constant air circulation.

As its name says, this VR cover is perfect for fitness junkies, as the high-end leather foam pads will not allow for any sweat to be contained, making you feel more comfortable during your workouts.

The nose piece has improved a lot, too. It is wider, more flexible, and thinner for a better fit. It also doesn’t allow any light leakage. And unlike their previous Oculus VR cover, this one does fit the official Oculus glasses spacer! It comes in dark grey and black. Both designs look modern and sleek and prevent light leakage.


  • Foam pads – 11mm one for better FOV, 16mm one for more comfort
  • Wipeable
  • Vegan leather
  • Designed for Oculus Quest 2 (64gb, 128gb, and 256gb)


  • Aesthetically-pleasing look
  • Improved from the previous release


  • Not RoHS compliant
  • Fits like a glove

4. VR Cover Valve Index

VR Cover has a line of incredible VR products, including the Valve Index cotton cover for all SteamVR games. Yes, the cover is 100% made of cotton, which will provide you with that extra comfort when you need it most.


You’ll get two of these covers if you order, so you may switch one for the other as needed. They are easily cleanable, you can simply pop them in your wash machine with the rest of your laundry! 


The biggest benefit this VR cover will reward you is extra cleanliness. If you’re a germaphobe or simply want to take better care of your VR headset, a cotton cover is ideal for you and you can get it for a humble $19!


A cotton cover might not be a good choice for those who work out a lot, though. Although cotton provides a lot of comfort for long-time wear, it absorbs any moisture, including sweat. That means after you’re done with your set, the cover will be soaking wet!


But if that doesn’t grind your gears, go ahead and grab yourself the VR cover cotton one.


  • 100% cotton
  • Washing machine-safe
  • Breathable cotton


  • Pleasant for daily gaming sessions
  • Extra comfy
  • Looks elegant


  • Absorbs sweat
  • No light blockers for them

5. VR Cover Silicone Cover

VR Cover’s silicone cover is your most affordable option. If you’re looking for a quick fix, this silicone product will do the trick at an incredible $9. It comes in grey and has a classy yet modern look. Silicone VR covers are especially great for sweat prevention, as they don’t let the sweat soak through.

They are also very durable and can last you a lifetime! For example, the silicone “sticks” to your face and prevents any slipping during workouts. To clean it, just wipe it down or use anti-bacterial wet wipes!


This VR cover is made from top-notch medical-grade silicone. It is also hypoallergenic and unoiled to prevent any gnarly infections! You can also use it with Oculus’s glasses spacer, as it fits perfectly. It also works with disposable covers.


Made of medical-grade silicone

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Unoiled


  • Silicone is best for steamy workout sessions


  • A personal favorite didn’t notice any notable disadvantages
  • A perfect fit for anyone
  • Works with disposable covers

6. KIWI’s VR Kit 

Our last pick has to be the Kiwi’s VR kit! This baby comes with multiple add-ons to beautify your virtual reality experience. The $36.99-worth set includes a VR cover facial interface, two face pads, an anti-leakage nose pad, and a VR lens cover. 


You can use this kit with Oculus Quest 1. The facial interface bracket is made of an excellent PC gear VR plastic cover and includes vents that allow for continuous air ventilation, keeping your cover clear rather than foggy. Don’t worry, no light can pass through the vents!

The sweat-proof cover pad replacement consists of excellent PU leather and foam. Because there are two pads, you can choose the thickness that best suits your needs. In either case, the narrower one provides a better FOV.


The lens protects the glasses from scratches and is constructed of high-density sponge and soft stretch materials.


Finally, there is no light leakage through the nose pad. It’s thick enough to keep leaks at bay yet thin enough to keep you comfortable for lengthy periods of time. It’s constructed of PU leather and a high-elastic double-sided fabric.

 And, the set is compatible with Oculus’s glasses spacer!


  • Available for Quest 1
  • Foam covers (8mm and 12mm)


  • The best air vents
  • Great anti-leakage protection
  • High-quality materials


  • Slim VR cover
  • The cover can easily detach from the velcro
  • Incompatible with Oculus Quest 2
Our Verdirct
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We truly went all out for this one! We found the current leading VR cover brands and dissected each one down to its core. And if we were to place a bet on the best one of them all, we’d go with the AMVR VR cover kit! The design is simply stunning, and each set component is made from high-grade materials. The facial interface bracket is unrivaled in terms of durability and flexibility, and the two side patches ensure that your headset stays in position at all times.
What’s more, you will never deal with awful sweat stains again, as the air vents work hard to ensure you a comfortable, fog-free virtual experience!
Again, we’re not too crazy about the orange interface, but in this case, the pros greatly outweigh the cons.
All in all, AMVR’s kit is our top pick, and we’re confident it’ll be yours, too!

VR Cover’s Oculus Quest 2 is a safe choice! The cover is entirely black and the air vents are created in such a way that no light can slip through the cracks.

That entirely depends on your VR routine! If you use your headset for gaming sessions, any material will do. However, we advise any gym-goers to opt for silicone, as it deals best with sweat.

To increase your VR cover’s lifetime, you should properly clean it after each use.
For silicone or leather, cleaning wipes will do. You can pop your cotton covers in the washing machine anytime.

Jeff Pitterman

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