Woojer Vest Review – The Futuristic Vest of Our Time

Woojer Vest Review - immersive haptic experience

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Review Overview



Woojer Vest is an immersive experience that you must try. With this new haptic technology, your VR experience will never be the same.


In today’s world, people can invent more or less everything. As the metaverse is closer than ever to come to fruition, we already have a glimpse of the ‘new reality’  – the Woojer Vest. Yes, you’re already asking questions about what this piece is, and the answer is not as simple as the one for VR glasses. The Woojer Vest Edge is not a simple strap-on vest just for show-off or protection – it’s something else entirely. 

Before we continue with our Woojer vest review, let’s explain the basics here. We’re talking about a vest that is designed to give you haptic feedback of the sound, or in other words, feel the bass vibrations on your body. 

The Woojer vest is intended to elevate the audio experience, whether you’re listening to music, watching a movie, or playing a video game. Stick around and read the entire review on this fascinating vest and see if it’s a good choice for you. 

What are We Talking About

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If you ever watched the movie Ready Player One, you might have some sort of insight about this vest. Although you can’t feel touches like in the film, the Woojer Vest is something that seems like it might evolve into such equipment from the film. 

The Woojer gaming vest is made of fabric and plastic, with six sensor points that are placed around two OSCI TRX52 transducers. The transducers are the reason why you feel the bass vibrations all over your body. To explain it more naturally, the six points around the vest emit haptic feedback of the sound, making you feel vibrations all over the body. 

The operation of Woojer Vest is practical, and it needs no extra explanations. The vest has its own battery, which can be recharged every three hours while the full charge goes up to eight hours. Using cables is out of the question (except for recharging) as the Woojer vest is completely wireless and works with Bluetooth flawlessly.

Once you’ve connected the vest with your phone via Bluetooth, you can play any song you wish. You can then adjust the intensity and the bass to your preference.

The Small Details

At first sight, the Woojer Vest Edge looks practical and compact, but it contains many small details that you must know about.

Before we move on to the sensors and how they work, let’s start with the very basics first. The weight of the vest is nowhere near featherweight, as you’re going to wear an extra 2 KG in you.

This is understandable, as the vest is more than just six sensors and a charger hole. With this in mind, the vest was never intended for long sessions so make sure you wear it for a reasonable

On the left shoulder of the vest, you’ll notice the control panel which allows you to control the vest and its features.

The straps are adjustable so the control panel won’t be out of your reach. When it comes to charging, the Woojer vest requires a USB – Type C charger, and 3.5mm jacks for headphones.

As we mentioned above, the vest is fully charged from 0% to 100% in 8 hours. Keep in mind that it doesn’t have the option for fast charging as it’s nowhere near as small as a mobile phone.

The HUB device on the vest allows you to adjust the vibrations from all 6 spots, and in the centre, you’ll see the on and off button. When the circle flashes red, it means that the vest is empty, and when it’s green, its battery is full. 

How Does It Feel To Wear Woojer Vest

Wearing the Woojer Vest Edge is nothing out of the ordinary, as it feels like wearing any other vest, except this one has a much bigger purpose than making you look good.

Some users have tried it while listening or playing music, meaning you can do it both ways.

The vibrations are very difficult to explain, as the experience and feeling vary from body to body. In other words, you must try it and feel it for yourself. 

By far, the best experience to get the entire feeling of Woojer vest is to watch a movie as it makes you feel like you are inside it.

The Woojer Vest can also be paired with VR glasses and make your gaming experience as real as it can be. It’s important to try all the vibration levels so that you find the one that suits you the most.

If you maximize them, they might feel uncomfortable, and if you minimize them, you might not even feel them. So tinker around with the settings to get a real feel of the Woojer Vest and what it can do. 

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Is Woojer Vest Worth the Money?

The brand-new Woojer vest is yet to break into the mainstream, like other gaming and sound products. The current price for the Woojer Vest is around $500 by some retailers, but you can use any discount if you have some.

The price with discount goes around $300, which is more affordable than the main $500.

Still, even $300 is not reasonable for anyone, so save some money if you wish to get your hands on the vest. 

If we judge the vest by its specifications and technicalities, the vest is a great choice for people willing to try something new.

We’re going to approve it 100% by its tech standards and innovatively, with a question mark only on the price.

Furthermore, it can deliver a unique music experience and bring you another level of excitement while using it.  

If we’re going to rate the worth of the vest based on the current price, we’re gonna say 8/10, mostly because of the high price.

The majority of our ranking is because this is unique, and it brings some strange but great level of excitement. 

A Glimpse into the Metaverse

The Woojer vest is a glimpse of virtual reality besides the already existing VR glasses. Since it’s associated with virtual reality, it makes the vest a potential player for the upcoming metaverse. The evolution of the metaverse is fast-paced and the Woojer Vest Edge and VR glasses are glimpses into what it all might look like. 

Judging by the price, it’s the most expensive VR item today, but for a good reason. It brings by far the best VR experience, as it vibrates your body in a strange but fantastic way.

If you can see via the VR glasses, the vest will give you the whole experience of being inside the game, movie, or song you’re listening to. If you decide to grab one vest for yourself, try every feature of it – the Woojer vest is another tool that’s going to prepare us for the metaverse in the future!


Judging by the size, the vest has plenty of specifications to go through.

First, it has a 360 degree experience, meaning all parts of your upper body are affected. It has 6 powerful vibration transducers, low-latency Bluetooth 5.0, and 1-200 Hz frequency range. The size of the wall is adjustable for everyone, it comes with analog and digital inputs, and the battery is fully charged in 8 hours. 

These are just the main specs of the vest, as for the rest, you need to wear them and discover them by yourself!

Our Verdict

The Woojer Vest is something that you have to give a try. When you order it, it will arrive in a huge box, and you’re going to feel like some US Army soldier or a person from the Ready Player One movie. This is a big vest, as it weighs 2 kilograms, and it’s out of the lightweight division. The vest has a vision of the future, and it brings that feeling to everyone.

To sum up our Woojer Vest review, we can say that this is a great choice for a new VR experience. If you’re looking to create your own VR set before the metaverse launches, investing in the Woojer Vest is a smart choice. It’s the most expensive out of your potential VR set, however, it is the biggest piece of the puzzle. The price itself is high because of the quality and expensive features that you won’t find in other vests. 

Within the same price point, you also have the bHaptics vest, however, it’s important to note that the two vests serve a completely different purpose. While the premise is more or less the same, a Woojer vs bHaptics battle will be a tough one to come to a verdict.  

Final Verdict
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To sum up our Woojer Vest review, we can say that this is a great choice for a new VR experience. If you’re looking to create your own VR set before the metaverse launches, investing in the Woojer Vest is a smart choice. It’s the most expensive out of your potential VR set, however, it is the biggest piece of the puzzle. The price itself is high because of the quality and expensive features that you won’t find in other vests. 

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