Our Mission

Metaverse Reviewer is a media organization at the forefront of bringing the latest and the most relevant metaverse and virtual platform-related news and products to its target audience. Our independent reporting, product reviews, and rankings go through an extensive auditing process by independent professionals.

To ensure objectivity and reliability, we fact-check everything we publish and test every product before reviewing them. We meticulously edit each published content to present a balanced and objective perspective about events and products related to the metaverse.

We hope that our news reporting, product reviews, and opinion pieces help our readers to make informed decisions about how to use the metaverse safely and adapt to the next generation of the internet.

Objectivity and Transparency

At Metaverse Reviewer, we take utmost care to remain objective and based on facts. We are editorially independent and practice ethical journalism. We abide by the rules and regulations of the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics.

We link to original research papers, reputable news sources, and independent data aggregation organizations to ensure transparency. We mention our authors at the beginning of each article and their biographies toward the end. This helps provide a clear picture of who they are and why their voices are essential.

Verification and Correction Policy

We have a network of editors who proofread and ensure all information and reviews published on the Metaverse Reviewer is accurate and correct. Our editors and writers investigate errors and requests for clarifications on a case-by-case basis. Once corrections and clarifications are approved, we post them at the end of the article or the beginning of a slideshow as may be appropriate. We also update corrections and clarifications in our archives and distribute them among syndicates and content licensees. We publish and rate reviews only after testing them, and fact-checking post-purchase data. We also follow community chatter to ensure our reviews are independent.

Content Updation and Refreshing

We may sometimes update older content, refresh existing ones or remove articles and reviews that are no longer relevant. It will be mentioned at the top of the page when content has been updated or refreshed. If the content has been removed, readers will be redirected to the home page. They may also be redirected to a page that is more appropriate for the content that was removed.

Editorial Team

Jeff Pitterman – Editor-in-chief

Ana Marin – Author and Editor

Lara Raven – Managing editor and Author

Chad Rayborn – Author and Editor


Editorial Standards

Health and wellbeing

At The Metaverse Reviewer, we support evidence-based treatments and medical research. As several studies are ongoing with respect to using AR, VR, artificial intelligence, and the metaverse to improve health-related outcomes, we aspire to provide accurate information when publishing information related to health. As we are not medical professionals, our health-related news and product reviews should be considered as thoroughly-edited health-related information and not as medical advice. As such, it is important to consult physicians and medical service providers before making any decisions based on news pieces and product reviews that we may publish.

Advertising and Sponsored Content

Like any other media organization, advertising and affiliate links play an essential role in our revenue generation. We may earn commissions when users click links or make purchases based on our reviews. These links and reviews are provided for the convenience of our readers and do not influence our editorial independence. Further, we clearly distinguish content identified as advertisement, sponsored content, affiliated marketing, etc. We also do not allow advertising related to adult content, adult products and services, recreational or illegal drugs, and tobacco.

Privacy and Data

At Metaverse Reviewer, we take our readers’ data privacy very seriously and make every attempt to safeguard it. In case there is a breach beyond our control, we will notify our users about the exact circumstances in which a data breach occurred. We may collect cookies to enhance the performance of our website and deliver more relevant content to our web users. However, we adhere to strict data control rules and regulations and respect the privacy of our users.

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