Metaverse & Fashion: Wearing a Virtual Realm as Real-Life Fashion

Lara Raven

Lara Raven

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Best Metaverse T Shirt to Wear

As it turns out, Mark Zuckerberg has finally made a step forward and plunged headfirst in his dream, making a debut on the Metaverse. He renamed his 2004 social media corporation – Facebook – to a fresh new name, appropriately designed to fit the Metaverse industry – Meta!

Still, that’s not even the tip of the iceberg, since regardless of who you talk to, the Metaverse currently encompasses virtual fashion also. This implies that many brands were already experimenting with Metaverse concepts on fashion, even before the phrase was coined. 

As of this moment, numerous Metaverse t-shirts have blown up – by both renowned and run-of-the-mill brands – and knowingly invested in the Metaverse fashion.


Because it has potential, and potential means interest – and interest means earnings. 

Fashion Meets Metaverse

Even when you go ahead and visit the internet, you’ll find many Metaverse t-shirts on the market. Don’t get me wrong, these Metaverse t-shirts are great and all, but it seems that famous brands have transferred their apparel onto the Metaverse itself. 

Recognizing the Metaverse peak performance is critical as fashion and apparel get more and more established, while the key, Gen Z target clientele, feel more comfortable gaming, socializing, and even buying in the Metaverse.

The invention of an NFT (non-fungible token), that enables designers to publish digital fashion in a platform-like version implemented through the blockchain, was the initial milestone concerning the Metaverse. NFTs additionally provide consumers with real and transferable digital object ownership.

This in itself isn’t as hard as it seems, but digital and collectible fashion apparel, that are available on different kinds of platforms is a hard task to accomplish. Collectors can only reach digital apparel on just a single cross-platform in the Metaverse.

NFTs, Fashion Brands & The Metaverse

Prominent fashionable and gaming brands such as Balenciaga and Fortnite, Roblox and Vans, have revealed partnerships spanning fashion in this digitalized Metaverse era. NFTs were sold left and right in 2021, they managed to get from $10.7 billion that was at the beginning of April, to 1.3 billion until the start of June. 


D&G or, to ring a bell – Dolce & Gabbana – said that they’ve sold a 9-set of NFTs as well as some genuine fashion clothing for 1,885.719 Ethereum crypto, the equivalent of around $5.7 million. It was established in a couture event that was from Dolce & Gabbana and produced in collaboration with UNXD, a controlled platform for digital elegance, and named it – Collezione Genesi! 

Collezione Genesi was described as the most complicated design NFT has ever presented.

Other labels, such as Burberry, have partnered with platforms for online gaming to exhibit their clothing, while Gucci has made cinematic NFT for their customers to experience. 

As the NFT world presently leads the virtual realm of apparel and fashion, we can also confidently predict that fashion in the Metaverse has great potential. It’ll be only a question of how long until our rapidly developing digital realms blooms into a planet of its own.

Metaverse Fashion Introduced in the Real World

But, this goes both ways, you know? The Metaverse is even entering the real-world fashion, branding itself on a bunch of clothing outside the digital world. If you want to find yourself a great Metaverse-themed t-shirt – by all means go for it! They’re up for the taking, whether it’s the Metaverse logo, the ETP crypto logo, or even a mixture of both, there are really great t-shirts out there!

This shows everyone that the Metaverse will blow up both in a digital sense and as part of a new-age phenomenon – and its face is soon to print itself on every fashion label that will take it!

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