Meta Quest 3 Review

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Meta quest 3 review

Meta Quest 3 has ignited excitement in the tech world, introducing a new level of virtual reality. Today, “Meta Connect” revealed its groundbreaking features. In this Meta Quest 3 Review, we’ll explore Meta Quest 3’s hardware and software advancements, its potential to redefine digital interaction, and the promise it holds for bridging the gap between the virtual and real worlds. The broadcast not only displayed its capabilities but also suggested a dawn of fresh possibilities for social interaction and productivity in the metaverse. Join us as we dissect the evolution of VR and the profound impact Meta Quest 3 is set to make in immersive technology.

Changes Between Meta Quest 2 and 3

Meta Quest 3 represents a significant leap forward in virtual reality technology, building upon the foundation laid by its predecessor, Meta Quest 2. Here’s a comprehensive list of notable changes and improvements between the two:

  • Hardware Enhancements: Meta Quest 3 features upgraded hardware, including a more powerful processor and improved graphics, delivering a smoother and more realistic VR experience.
  • Improved Ergonomics: The headset design has been refined for enhanced comfort during extended usage, with improved weight distribution and a more ergonomic fit.
  • Higher Resolution Displays: Quest 3 boasts higher-resolution displays, resulting in sharper and more immersive visuals.
  • Advanced Tracking: Upgraded tracking technology offers more precise and responsive motion tracking for a more immersive experience.
  • Enhanced Audio: Improved built-in audio provides richer sound quality, enhancing immersion in VR worlds.
  • Increased Storage Options: Quest 3 offers expanded storage options, allowing users to store more games and content.
  • Wireless Streaming: The ability to wirelessly stream content to and from other devices has been improved for greater convenience.
  • Integrated Hand Tracking: Enhanced hand tracking technology eliminates the need for controllers in some applications, providing a more natural interaction experience.
  • Software Features: New software features and updates unlock additional functionality, including improved social and multiplayer experiences.
  • Meta Connect Integration: Quest 3 seamlessly integrates with Meta Connect, facilitating enhanced social interactions and productivity within the metaverse.
  • Enhanced Content Library: An expanded and diverse library of VR games and experiences is available for Quest 3, with exclusive titles and partnerships.
  • Improved Fit: Adjustable straps and improved padding contribute to a more comfortable and secure fit for various head sizes.
  • Reduced Screen Door Effect: The screen door effect, where pixel gaps are visible, is significantly reduced, improving visual clarity.
  • Connectivity Options: Enhanced connectivity options, including Wi-Fi 6 support, offer faster and more stable connections.


Quest 3 headset


Meta Quest 3 VR and AR

Meta Quest 3’s integration of mixed reality represents a groundbreaking convergence of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies. What sets it apart is the seamless blending of these two worlds. While VR immerses users entirely into a digital environment, and AR overlays digital elements onto the real world, Meta Quest 3 combines both approaches. With this mixed reality capability, users can interact with virtual objects and information within their physical surroundings, offering a level of interaction that transcends traditional AR.

It not only enhances gaming and entertainment experiences but also brings practical benefits, like collaborative workspaces and educational simulations. In essence, Meta Quest 3’s mixed reality blurs the lines between the digital and real, opening new vistas for creative expression and practical utility that were previously beyond reach with VR or AR alone.

Meta Quest 3 Pros and Cons


  • Higher Resolution Display: The Meta Quest 3 offers a higher resolution display, resulting in a more immersive and visually stunning experience.
  • Exceptional Graphical Performance: It is equipped with improved graphical performance, allowing for more realistic and detailed virtual environments.
  • Meta Reality Technology: The Meta Reality technology sets it apart by seamlessly merging the physical and virtual realms, enhancing immersion and interaction.
  • Advanced Pancake Optics: The advanced optics contribute to better image quality and visual clarity.
    30% Higher Pixel Density: With 30% more pixel density compared to Quest 2, it provides a sharper and more detailed image.


  • Higher Price Point: The Meta Quest 3 comes at a higher price point than its predecessor, the Quest 2, which can be a barrier for budget-conscious consumers.
  • Lacks Eye-Tracking: The absence of eye-tracking technology limits certain interactive and gaze-based functionalities, potentially affecting the overall user experience.
  • Limited RAM (8GB): With only 8GB of RAM, the Quest 3 may have limitations in multitasking and handling resource-intensive applications, which can be a drawback for users who require more robust performance.

Meta Quest 3 Battery Life Expectations

Meta Quest 3’s battery life, estimated at approximately 2-3 hours, aligns with the duration offered by its predecessor, the Quest 2. While some users may have hoped for longer playtime, this consistent battery performance ensures continuity with previous models. It’s worth noting that factors such as screen brightness, application intensity, and wireless connectivity can influence battery consumption. Thus, prospective users should consider their usage patterns and the availability of charging options to plan their VR experiences accordingly. Nevertheless, the familiarity of the 2-to-3-hour battery life remains a reliable benchmark for the headset’s overall performance and usage expectations.

Meta Quest 3 Design

Meta Quest 3 has a design unlike any other. Notably, the rear angle reveals pancake lenses similar to those found in Quest Pro, optimizing the visor’s slimness and lightness. Quest 3 retains a soft fabric strap similar to Quest 2, despite this weight-saving lens technology. The bottom angle showcases a scroll wheel for precise lens separation adjustment, potentially addressing the limitations of Quest 2’s three preset distances.

Interestingly, Mark Zuckerberg had previously hinted at including eye and face tracking in future Quest models, but the leaked schematics surprisingly omit these features. Instead, Quest 3 seems to prioritize mixed reality functionality, hinted at by the inclusion of a depth sensor. This would enable automatic room scanning and enhance hand tracking, making Quest 3 a full-fledged mixed-reality headset. Moreover, the prospect of the Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 chipset promises significant performance upgrades, revolutionizing VR gaming and experiences.

Meta Quest 3 Hardware

Meta Quest 3’s hardware advancements promise a stunning new virtual reality experience. The inclusion of a scroll wheel for lens separation adjustment enhances visual clarity for users with varying interpupillary distances. Notably, Quest 3’s chipset is a significant upgrade from its predecessor. It delivers superior performance and enables higher-quality graphics and larger-scale experiences. The headset’s depth sensor signifies Meta’s focus on mixed reality capabilities with the potential to automatically scan users’ environments, a feature that could greatly enhance room-scale experiences and hand-tracking precision.

Meta Quest 3 Games You Can Play

In a thorough Meta Quest 3 review, it becomes clear that the headset’s vast gaming library, encompassing over 500 titles from Quest 2 and an exciting lineup of new games including “Arashi: Castles of Sin – Final Cut,” “Arizona Sunshine II,” “Asgard’s Wrath 2,” and “Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR,” plays a pivotal role in delivering an expansive and immersive gaming experience.

Gamers can look forward to embarking on epic adventures, engaging in thrilling battles, and exploring captivating virtual worlds. With titles like “I Expect You to Die 3: Cog in the Machine,” “Lego Bricktales,” “Outta Hand,” and “The 7th Guest VR,” there’s a diverse range of experiences to cater to different preferences. Whether you’re a fan of action, puzzle-solving, or storytelling, Meta Quest 3’s gaming library offers something for everyone, along with promising hours of entertainment!



Quest 3 Games


Meta Quest 3 Pricing and Availability

Meta Quest 3 is now available for pre-order, with its official release right around the corner. The headset comes in two configurations: a base model starting at $500, which includes 128GB of storage, and an upgraded version priced at $650, offering a spacious 512GB of storage. While the Quest 3’s starting price is notably higher than its predecessor, the Quest 2, it does provide a larger storage option for those seeking more space for their VR experiences.

The early Meta Quest 3 review highlights the expanded storage options and the added value of a six-month Meta Quest+ subscription for the 512GB model, making it an attractive choice for VR enthusiasts seeking ample space for their experiences. To complete the VR experience, a range of accessories, including the Quest 3 Elite Strap, Silicone Facial Interface, Charging Dock, and Carrying Case, will be available for purchase, allowing users to tailor their setup for optimal comfort and convenience.

Meta Quest 3 Wrap-Up

The Meta Quest 3 review highlights its groundbreaking features and advancements, setting a new standard for virtual reality experiences. In summary, Meta Quest 3 has ignited a wave of excitement in the tech world with its groundbreaking features and advancements. It represents a significant leap forward from its predecessor, the Quest 2, with upgrades in hardware, ergonomics, display quality, tracking technology, and a wide selection of games to play. Meta Quest 3 is set to endeavor and revolutionize the realm of virtual reality through its remarkable array of features and capabilities. 

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