Metaverse Meets CES

Metaverse Meets CES: Breaking the Barriers of Reality

Lara Raven

Lara Raven

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All paths lead to the Metaverse – from integrating virtual metropolis to feeling the effect of a gunshot while playing a video game! 

The concept of the Metaverse teeters on the precipice of being both inevitable and impracticable – it is a fantastic digital world that can act as a form of embodied web. Today, the Metaverse is getting a lot of attention. In reality, it is a brand-new industry trend.

And so, the use of virtual reality headsets to create a universal virtual environment has been at the center of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). 

One of the most prominent companies, Owo, Hyundai, and Shiftall saw Metaverse’s enormous influence as a huge benefit – they showcased their new way of living at CES. 

Despite the fact that there were numerous, we will highlight the most notable manufacturers who demonstrated Metaverse-enablement technology! 

Metaverse in the World of Beauty and Fashion

Fashion and beauty corporations are promoting Metaverse makeovers, where models are dressed up – and dolled up.

Burberry,  Balenciaga, and Gucci are among the luxury labels that have been drawing and developing digital looks for their digital customers – just imagine being able to shop from VR shelves in the Metaverse.

Not to forget, Procter and Gamble is introducing more delicate beauty experiences such as Beauty Sphere – walking customers through all steps of the cosmetic making process.  

The Impact of Metaverse on the World’s Most Powerful Companies

Given how many powerful corporations find the virtual world handy and profitable – Metaverse might just be the next great thing on the horizon! 

Samsung used CES to show off their take on a Second Life-like Metaverse equipped with Samsung gadgets. In their creative hub, users can now explore the experiences unleashed by Samsung Technology.

Hyundai jumped on board with this concept as well – putting virtual robots in people’s homes.

Virtual delivery vehicles, according to Carbon Origins, will be required to provide these virtual residences. 

Even while it may appear to be a pipe dream, it is entirely doable! 

CES 2022’s Smart Home Gadgets

CES 2022 comes boasting smart home gadgets that bring the best of both worlds into one concept – make everyday life at home easier and let technology do it for us. 

Doorbells and smart light bulbs, for instance, are well-known examples of these concepts, while “robot butlers’ ‘ are a step ahead of the curve.

Here’s a quick review of all the amazing smart home goods and invitations at the CES 2022: 

1. Eufy Video Doorbell Dual:

A smart doorbell, the Eufy comes with two cameras that are designed to deter package theft. 

It features two lenses, the first facing ahead and the second, facing the ground to keep a watchful eye on your packages. 

For those who want to buy a camera and a doorbell at the same time, this is a fantastic piece!

2. Icon Sound Mirror:

The Icon comes shaped like a huge oval or round mirror empowered by an Alexa-enabled smart speaker. 

When Alexa links online, she’ll read you the news, play your favorite tunes, do everything else Alexa does so well.

It may also connect straight to your phone via Bluetooth, allowing you to listen to music from any app! 

3. Masonite Smart Door:

The Masonite’s powered fiberglass door has a ring video doorbell, smart lock, and a multitude of sensors. 

The door is now only available for builders of new homes, so it isn’t something you can implement in your old house. 

On a bright note, it contains everything you require in a single package – so don’t waste time looking for individual items! 

4. Schlage Encode Plus Smart Lock:

The Encode Plus lock from Schlage is the first to allow iPhones and Apple watches to unlock doors!

When the Encode Plus is in range, it can automatically open the door! However, for more security, you can use Face ID, password, or Touch ID. 

Metaverse in Gaming

At CES, video games have been a big draw, but the hardware that powers them is! 

Nvidia and AMD both introduced new graphic cards for gaming laptops, ushering in the next generation of portable gaming. Intel unveiled more than 20 CPUs, including a full-line processor to boost gaming performance.

Metaverse in Gaming

Sony has revealed that a second-generation PS VR headset for use with the PlayStation 5 is in the works. Sony has disclosed a slew of other details, including that the headset would support eye-tracking! 

Samsung makes a handful of amazing TVs and monitors, but the M8 sticks out from the rest – it allows you to play games without a computer using streaming services.

Metaverse: The World’s Virtual Ruler

The Metaverse has the potential to profoundly alter how money and work are managed.

Many businesses have already bought into the vision that is already taking shape – acquiring virtual lands and domain names. 

And to close our case, a quote from the man himself: 

“Today I think we look at the internet, but I think in the future you’re going to be in the experiences.” – Mark Zuckerberg


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