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The Cryptoverse Revolution: Purchasing the First Metaverse Yacht for $650,000

Jeff Pitterman

Jeff Pitterman

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The Metaverse is now open for business and making history along the way!

An astonishing $650,000 has been recently paid for a luxury yacht developed by Republic Realm. An NFT designed for Sandbox, virtual users can now monetize their creations!

Called The Metaflower – developed by Republic Realm – and honoring the ship that landed the Pilgrims in America, the extravagant yacht makes the priciest NFT sold via the way of the Metaverse.

Featuring all the lavish amenities of real-life yachts, The Metaflower makes a luxurious addition to an existing and wider assembly – The Fantasy Collection. It consists of several ostentatious commodities including the Fantasy Marina, jet skis, islands with luxury homes, and speedboats!

It’s a Crypto World

The virtual crypto world has become a pure sensation. The purchase within the famous Metaverse realm was initially made possible via a cryptocurrency called Ether –
the second-largest digital currency after Bitcoin.

In Metaverse payment terms – the Metaflower was purchased for 149 Ether!

But, the cryptocurrency market has been making quite a few shifts since it took full effect. With an exceptional and highly fluctuating value, for all their purchasing purposes and demanded services, countless companies have been turning to tokens instead of other regular currencies.

Still, financial experts, as well as major banks, still don’t view cryptocurrencies as something to be wary of, convincing that real-world monetary systems are secure, and in no way threatened by cryptocurrencies.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that banks don’t keep an eye out for any surprising developments – they most certainly do.

Brave Pioneers Setting the Rules is among the companies that offer the EOSIO blockchain software, already endorsed by several eminent investors. is also the parent company of Bullish Global – a new blockchain-based cryptocurrency exchange that recently emerged on the market.

Bullish is designed to revolutionize the market, but for the time being, it only remains available to non-US citizens. The investors behind this company include Peter Thiel, Richard Li, Louis Bacon, Alan Howard, Christian Angermayer, Galaxy Digital, and the global investment bank, Nomura.

With financial transactions – privacy comes first. Elena Nadolinski, the founder of Iron Fish, started her company with top privacy in mind, especially having grown up in Russia, where she often felt surveilled.

The promise of high privacy helped Iron Fish raise $27.6 million. Led by Andreessen Horowitz, other investors include Sequoia, MetaStable, and Electric Capital. The funds raised will be used to make cryptocurrencies accessible – and private – for everyone.

Whilst we cannot be certain what the future of cryptocurrencies holds, it is becoming abundantly clear that alongside real cash, crypto has become yet another factor that impacts the finance world as we know it! 


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