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Oculus Quest 3 & Oculus Quest Pro: Top-Tier Upgrades on the Horizon!

Lara Raven

Lara Raven

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Finally, some excellent news for those who like to teleport at their leisure – the Oculus Quest 3 and Oculus Quest Pro are on the way! 

From what we know, for many people worldwide, Oculus Quest 2 was more than just a passion – it was the ideal journey into the realm of imagination. But, the true craze took full effect when a new report claimed that Meta’s next headset may be on its way on the market and quite soon! 

And we all know what that means for Meta fanatics – partaking in some of the most whirlwind VR gaming experiences yet! 

Even without a specific release date at hand – here’s what we know so far!

Oculus Quest 3 and Oculus Quest Pro: When Is It Happening?

There is currently no announced release date for Oculus Quest 3 and Oculus Quest Pro. However, based on the preceding model’s introduction to the market, we can make a reasonable prediction. 

According to the XR expert Brad Lynch, the Oculus Quest Pro, currently codenamed Cambria, is expected to appear in 2022! To be more specific, think sometime between April and June.

DSCC, or DisplaySupply Chain Consultants, backs up Lynch’s prediction, claiming that Meta is planning to release the new VR headset in 2022. It will, they say, be the best VR headset the gaming and virtual world has seen to date. 

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On a clear note, what is now known as Project Cambria – Meta’s refined quality VR headset, that is – will arrive sometime in 2022, though there’s no exact date behind its launch. But hey, one can only hope for sooner rather than later, right? 

Project Cambria and Its Features

Project Cambria will not be a replacement for the Quest 2 or 3 – instead, it will be a high-end gadget at a premium price point, according to Meta’s team. It will additionally have all of the newest advanced technologies, such as boosted social presence, pancake optics, and color Passthrough, to name a few. 

As per Lynch, the Oculus Quest 3 will not use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR3 CPU, anticipated to launch in late 2023. Instead, Meta will be attempting to develop its own technology that is more suited to the virtual reality realm. 

It would also make sense to see sensory feedback on the Oculus Quest 3 controllers, especially if considering that many other great manufacturers have used the technology in both the headset and the PSVR 2 controllers. 

Given that the Quest 2 has hand tracking, it is possible that the Quest 3 will follow suit as well. 

Sony recently announced the new 8K VR headset with two 4K OLED micro displays; if Meta can incorporate similar tech, the Quest 3 might be an even crisper headset to use. The technology at hand may also aid in the reduction of motion sickness, allowing more individuals to use the gadget. 

The Meta Quest 3 may also include certain crucial features that the Quest 2 lacked – expandable storage, for example, or even greater-capacity models. 

Given that the Quest 2 doesn’t now require a PC to work, it is also possible that Quest 3 won’t keep up the trend. 

Whether the Quest 3 will operate on PS5 is yet unofficial, but considering its apparent adaptability, it might not be as big of a deal! 

Price of Oculus Quest 3 and Oculus Quest Pro 

A 64GB model of the Oculus Quest 2 costs roughly $300, while a 256GB model costs around $400. Both have done exceptionally well in the marketplace. 

We’d prefer to see the new Oculus Quest 3 come in at a slightly cheaper price simply to allow more people access to virtual reality. 

However, we don’t think that the Quest 3 will be available for less than $250. Given its superior specifications, the Quest Pro is likely to remain at the $300 – $400 pricing point. 

We cannot predict exactly how much they will cost – but a reasonable price will do. 

Even More Exciting Features 

If the Oculus Quest 3 and Oculus Quest Pro are to be all-conquering headsets, it may be necessary for both to amend some of the Quest 2’s flaws.

Namely, the Quest 2 lacked Bluetooth compatibility and comprehensive full-body tracking capabilities, which we hope to see in its successor. 

When the Oculus Quest 3 is launched, more accessories will be made available for its users than with the Oculus Quest 2! These may include anything from a charging port to a quality upgraded strap, or anything else in between!

Final Thoughts 

Due to the Quest 2’s success, the Meta realm can only improve the performance of both the Oculus Quest 3 and Oculus Quest Pro. Ideally, what we’d like to see are improvements in both their hardware and software. 

Virtual reality is becoming more real by the minute – as contradicting as it may sound. As an omnipresent concept to-be, fans can only cross their fingers and hope the latest Quest additions will come as a proper ticket to the VR realm like we never saw it before.

And with 2022 right already in, we won’t even have to wait as long to discover their marvels!


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