Rove helps create your own space in the Metaverse

Rove helps Create Your Own Space in the Metaverse

Lara Raven

Lara Raven

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Rove, a brand new startup, aims to help individuals and businesses enter the metaverse, and use it in several ways.

Duy Huynh, Rove’s co-founder explained the motive behind his new metaverse startup in a recent interview.

The user-friendly virtual world allows users to own a place in the metaverse, and customize their virtual world. It also allows users to create their own virtual spaces using easy drag-and-drop features.

The Story Behind Rove

Rove initially emerged as a reaction to the endless Zoom and Skype meetings that people used to have during the initial days of the pandemic.

Huynh felt people would do better with avatars instead of having to expose themselves on camera throughout video calls.

Initially, his team added 3D avatars. Very soon, his team added new features that enabled users to create their virtual worlds in an ever-expanding metaverse.

How is Rove Used?

Rove is a user-generated and open ecosystem where users can do anything they wish to do in the metaverse.

A few use cases include selling NFTs, attending events, conducting work meetings, and even networking with like-minded individuals.

Rove is collectively managed by its users, and its structure is democratic. Most importantly, it does not require expensive equipment such as an Oculus Quest 2.

The startup plans to transform itself into a metaverse-version of Shopify, where businesses and individuals can sell and showcase their products on 3D virtual stores that they set up.

No coding knowledge is necessary, thanks to its drag-and-drop feature. As a result, one can quickly set up their own metaverse space in no time. These virtual spaces can be used creatively.

It is a valuable opportunity for businesses to tiptoe their way into virtual worlds, and create 3D-enabled stores in the metaverse before making bigger decisions.

The Emergence of User-Generated Metaverse Spaces

Rove could signify an emerging trend in which users can create their virtual worlds, using drag-and-drop features much like a website builder.

With more businesses and individuals being eager to showcase products and designs online, and network with each other, the importance of such user-generated metaverse platforms cannot be understated.

In the coming months and years, one could expect similar open source and proprietary tools that help various entities to build their own virtual spaces. This may encourage smaller businesses to get into the metaverse as well.


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